Saturday Sky on a Sunday Morning

It is still morning, right? The clock tells me its 11:30, but my body is telling me it's 10:30. I hate DST. I wish they would pick a time and leave it. It will take me a week to adjust to the time difference. Plus I hate losing an hour. I dont have enough time as it is and now I have 60 min less. Blech.

Here is my Saturday Sky

I took this late in the afternoon, but never got back on the computer to post. It was a gorgeous day outside which grew colder as the sun went down. I'm happy we still get weeks like this in between the weeks of 80+ degree weather.

Speaking of weather and the great outdoors, I still haven't killed all of my plants. Some of the petunias have gone down hill along with the Bush Daisy, but my pansies are still going

and so is the bouganvillea.

I've always loved azaleas and finally planted two of them in the yard. The shrubs are doing really well, but no flowers are showing up. I heard that planting them can shock them a bit which could explain the lack of blooms. While I'm disappointed I'm not getting any flowers, it's doing well so I'm thankful for that.

I had a couple of spots to fill in for the front so I decided to plant some veggies. I got tomatoes

and bell peppers.

Both are doing really well, esp the tomatoes. It's filled in a lot since I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Let's see if I get any fruit by mid May.

Gardening isn't the only thing going on here. I've started a few new projects. Last week I wanted to do some stitching so I pulled out my bag-o-tricks to see what I got to pick from. This one jumped into my hands.

It's Kitty Cat Row and I had the fabric and all the specialty threads (both WDW and Gasts) for it. I don't know abt you, but I don't always have everything I need for some projects. Fabric, but not all the floss. All the floss but no fabric. While the count of the fabric is still small (28ct) it is evenweave and it's a sand color which makes it much easier to see. So far so good.

For those who came to see knitting, I've got some of that too! Three new projects have been cast on in the past couple of weeks. Let me introduce you all to them.

First up, a baby blanket for Knit1Bless2, a charity being sponsored by Debbie Macomber.

We could choose from three charities and she would make sure it would go to the one we want. I'm using two strands of Simply Soft held together using a simple stst for the body with a knit border.

Next is a tank for Baby Girl.

This is from a free pattern from Berocco that I'm using some sport weight cotton yarn with. It's going to be light and airy and comfortable for the summer.

Last is a pair of socks.

Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I've been wanting to use for some time now. I'm using a basketweave pattern from Stitches of Violet that I'm really loving.

What I love most about all three projects I've started? Not only am I using stash yarn, but I'm using stash yarn that I've had for a while!!! Yarn that I still love but finally able to make something I like with it. Esp that purple yarn. I bought that off eBay a WHILE ago when I was getting back into knitting. There's not enough to make anything for me, but now is enough to make something for Baby Girl now that she's older.


Anonymous said…
That pansy is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them! My granddad ALWAYS planted a lot of pansies. They look like little mustached men to me.
Anonymous said…
I see we are keeping very busy these days. Three knitting projects, wow!

I'm sorry you lost some of your plants, but I am SO JEALOUS of that tomato plant, and then to read you may be eating fresh tomatoes in MAY, when we can't even begin to PLANT until June 1st!!!! :D Jealous! Jealous! Jealous!

It is true, that your azaleas will be set back, from transplant shock, but once the roots are settled, and begin to reach out, it should do very well. And in future, remember to prune them yearly, or they will become too big to manage. Azaleas are one of the nicest and easiest landscaping plants, because you can literally butcher them, and they will rebound with double the flowers. My Father was a nurseryman, and I grew up caring for nursery stock and learning from him. I wish you the best with your azaleas. They should give you lovely blooms for many, many years. :)
Chris said…
I hate switching to DST. Why don't we just stay in it all the time?!

Lucky you - we're still weeks away from green growing things here.

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