Spring into Sunday

I don't know if its because the earth is quaking, we've got a supermoon over head,

the US has entered into yet another war or because it's now spring, but I have woken up with a headache for the past three days. Today was the worst so not much was done today other than stitching on Kitty Cat Row.
Before today:

After I couldn't work on it anymore:

I'm making good progress and it's really an easy stitch. Nice blocks of same color stitching and only bits of backstitching here and there. Now I think its time to bring out some mindless knitting. The headache is gone, but it's already 11pm and I dont plan on doing much this late at night. We're at the beginning of spring break so I'm looking forward to not waking up early tomorrow. However next Sunday I assume I'll be feeling differently!


Smily said…
Stithcing night is a best medicine for us!
Anonymous said…
Hope you are feeling better today. Enjoy spring break with the kids!
Chris said…
Hope the headache's gone!

Love your stitching. :)
Anonymous said…
Hope you are feeling better. The cross stitch is coming along well. How is the weather? I bet it's nicer than mine. LOL :)

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