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Feline Fridays

Laser beams engaged in three, two, one...........

I really need to get out there sooner.....

Here is the sky, barely.

It's been so hot, its the only time I want to be outside....

We went on a field trip to some local gardens this past week and apparently I'm not the only one having pepper issues.

This one got eaten by an insect. Not a good year for the peppers. I see a couple more forming on my plant, lets hope I get to eat at least one...........

And hopefully I will have something other than plants and cats to post soon. Not much of anything is getting done here.

Feline Fridays

You can't see me!!!!

I used to like squirrels......

......until yesterday. Here lie two of the three peppers.

Notice the little bite marks???

What's left of the third.

The little rat tried to bury the stem.


There is still some chance I'll get a couple of peppers out of this plant

but it's getting so warm, I'm not sure what my chances are. We are hitting 90 again today. This stinks, esp since the high should only be 84.

The tomatoes are fine, at least for now. They are a bit higher up the plant than the peppers were. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find some chicken wire.........

Monday Morning (ish) Update

As usual, things are crazy here at Happy Acres. I'm glad I've got my knitting to keep me sane(ish).

I pulled my sock out of the car to work on over the wknd and actually made some significant progress!

I finished the gusset and am abt 2" into the foot. I'm on the home stretch now! Then I can start sock #2. At this rate I'll at least have a new pair of socks by the time it gets cold again.

We've been having some HOT weather (heat index of 91 on Saturday) but thankfully it's cooled down a bit to a high of 83. Still warm but easier to deal with.

One thing I am excited abt are these!!!

That would be 6 tomatoes baby!!! I'm not sure if anymore will pop out, I've got lots more flowers, but was told once the nights were out of the 60s, my tomatoes wouldn't do well. We'll see.

I've also got 3 peppers growing with a couple more on the way.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me.

Not AS exciting as my growing food but pretty darn close …

saturday sky


Feline Fridays

Wonder if they can tell the difference between us.......

Up and Running

I think. I finally got my computer back, cleaned up with all my pictures back. Over the weekend I could receive emails but I couldnt send any out. Very frustrating. And on Monday Comcast didn't even recognize us as current users. The IO has been changing our services with Comcast around a bit and I think we confused them. However as of right now I am back up and am taking this opportunity to get caught up.

I was going to post my TuSal for April, but apparently I still don't have all my pictures back on the computer. Oh well, it wasn't much anyway, just a few strands of floss. Pretty sad, huh?? I haven't done much of anything lately. I've knit a little here and there; my cross stitch hasn't seen the light of day since I last met up with my stitch group a couple of weeks ago. I am still playing in the dirt in the front. I swear if I did that everyday I would lose so much weight!!!! This is day 2 and my body is not happy with me. I'm still find…

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I couldnt access my computer on Friday or Saturday because things were a bit crazy here at Happy Acres. Then last night I didn't get a computer until around 10pm. The IO was *improving* what I had (always scary!) My sister bought a new computer and she gave us her old one. After tweaking and moving things around, he got her's up and working. Sort of. When you can't access your pictures because the file isn't responding, well that's never a good sign.

So my posts for Feline Fridays, Saturday Sky, the rest of Knit and Crochet Blog Week and TuSal are put on hold. At this point the only thing I'll post is the TuSal. Which is on the other computer that I can't access.


Meanwhile I will leave you with this......

April 2008

Huh. While gas is slightly higher now (that same gas station is $3.62 today), it's really not that much different. We've been paying $3+ for gas longer than I thought.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on a computer with C…