Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I couldnt access my computer on Friday or Saturday because things were a bit crazy here at Happy Acres. Then last night I didn't get a computer until around 10pm. The IO was *improving* what I had (always scary!) My sister bought a new computer and she gave us her old one. After tweaking and moving things around, he got her's up and working. Sort of. When you can't access your pictures because the file isn't responding, well that's never a good sign.

So my posts for Feline Fridays, Saturday Sky, the rest of Knit and Crochet Blog Week and TuSal are put on hold. At this point the only thing I'll post is the TuSal. Which is on the other computer that I can't access.


Meanwhile I will leave you with this......

April 2008

Huh. While gas is slightly higher now (that same gas station is $3.62 today), it's really not that much different. We've been paying $3+ for gas longer than I thought.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on a computer with CURRENT pictures.......


Chris said…
Hopefully you have a computer with some current pictures by now!

Gas here is $3.79/gallon.
Lifesastitch said…
I think we've hit over the $5.00 mark. That sounds really high doesn't it?

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