I used to like squirrels......

......until yesterday. Here lie two of the three peppers.

Notice the little bite marks???

What's left of the third.

The little rat tried to bury the stem.


There is still some chance I'll get a couple of peppers out of this plant

but it's getting so warm, I'm not sure what my chances are. We are hitting 90 again today. This stinks, esp since the high should only be 84.

The tomatoes are fine, at least for now. They are a bit higher up the plant than the peppers were. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find some chicken wire.........


Sandie Knapp said…
There is nothing more annoying and frustrating as some vagrant critter coming along in the dead of night and stealing your garden crops. I would be very upset too. That is such a shame, and I hope you get some peppers still. Maybe you need to get some pest powder to put on or around the plants. Check with your Lowe's and see what they suggest. There are treatments for that. I have deer, groundhog and rabbits here, and every year it is a battle between us. I wish you the best though, because I know how much those plants mean to you, and how much you will enjoy the peppers if you can keep them from the critters. :)
Susan said…
Who knew squirrels like spicy food?
Karen G said…
Stupid squirrels!!! The one and only time I tried to grow corn, I was really excited. One ear was ready to harvest, and I had about 4 other little ears that would soon be ready. I swear those stupid squirrels watched me harvest my one ear of corn and decided it was corn time!!! They took one bite (yes, just one bite) out of each remaining ear of corn and ruined them all. HATE SQUIRRELS!!!!
Chris said…
Squirrels are SO destructive - they ate part of the wiring on my car last fall!

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