Up and Running

I think. I finally got my computer back, cleaned up with all my pictures back. Over the weekend I could receive emails but I couldnt send any out. Very frustrating. And on Monday Comcast didn't even recognize us as current users. The IO has been changing our services with Comcast around a bit and I think we confused them. However as of right now I am back up and am taking this opportunity to get caught up.

I was going to post my TuSal for April, but apparently I still don't have all my pictures back on the computer. Oh well, it wasn't much anyway, just a few strands of floss. Pretty sad, huh?? I haven't done much of anything lately. I've knit a little here and there; my cross stitch hasn't seen the light of day since I last met up with my stitch group a couple of weeks ago. I am still playing in the dirt in the front. I swear if I did that everyday I would lose so much weight!!!! This is day 2 and my body is not happy with me. I'm still finding plants at Lowes for a dime so I bought a few more petunias and some other kind of yellow flower (don't remember the name) to add to what I have and to replace the ones that have died. What I'm most excited abt???

Yep I have tomatoes growing!!! It doesnt take much to make me happy! I've never grown tomatoes before and with the weather warming up quickly here (it was a high of 92 yesterday and it's not even half way thru April yet!) I'm not sure how well they'll do, but thankfully it's cooling down to highs of the 80s this week so I'm hoping they will ripen up. I will be over the moon if I get to eat one.

For those of you who are still waiting for spring or the sun, here's a little something for you........


Sandie Knapp said…
I have a sneaky feeling you put those tomato pix there just to flaunt them in front of me, because you know I can barely stand to wait for them myself. It will be August before I eat a home grown tomato, and yours are growing in APRIL! Mine won't even be in the ground until June 1st!

But, since I do know the joy and thrill of eating that first ripened tomato that I grew myself, I wish you just as much joy and as big a thrill when you bite into your first one, warm from the sun, and the juices are running down your chin. There is nothing else like it, so savor the moment and every little mouthful. :)

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