Death Warmed Over

Never let it be said that my son doesnt share. He was out sick all of last week which included a trip to the dr AND the ER. Apparently he caught some wicked nasty virus which he has now shared with me. I don't expect to be down for a week (as a mom, that's impossible) but I've basically been in bed for 2 days straight. I have to get better because tomorrow is the spring band performance and I can't miss that. While I feel miserable, at least #1 Son is doing better. Now I'm just waiting for Baby Girl to get it.......

Speaking of Baby Girl, I had to take her picture by this lake for our Saturday Sky.

See this is the lake where we always take her picture after her ballet performances. We went to see the performance this year, just not her being in it. Even before the show started, she was talking abt going back into ballet. Gymnastics is fun, but painful. Anybody who's tried to do a somersault on a 4" beam can attest to that! However I'm concerned with the 1.5 hours of class twice a week. This was her downfall last year. We'll have to see.

Meanwhile I have two projects that are MIA, a pair of socks and a tank that I started for Baby Girl. I've looked in a couple of places but cant seem to find it. While I know they will turn up, the only project I have is a kitty blanket and I'm not necessarily in the mood for that. I may have to pull out some more sock yarn and cast on........


Anonymous said…
Ooooooooooo..socks! You know you got my attention with that.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

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