Last day of the month

It's the last day of a VERY long month. Can't say I'm gonna miss it. Not the busiest of Mays but one of the most stressful. Here's hoping June is better.

One good thing to report is I finished a sock!!!

Yes that would be singular. ONE sock. I swear I am the slowest knitter out there. It took me 3 months to finish this guy off. That's just sad. What's worse is that I have yet to cast on for the next one. I may need to do that tonight.

Meanwhile I picked up Baby Girl's tank and put in a few more rows.

I'd really like to get this done before the end of the summer. Right now I'm knitting around and around on 188 stitches until I have 13" done. Did I mention I'm knitting with size 6 needles? This is the only time it's good that I live in Florida and my summer will last well into Oct.


Anonymous said…
Hope June is a better month (for both of us!)

What is the pattern on your sock? It's very pretty.
Bridget said…
I also am curious about the sock pattern. The finished one is lovely!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the sock. Love the color too. :)

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