Month in Review

April blog posts were a month of technical difficulties with my computer and squirrel mishaps. April reality was a month of walk-a-thons,

a Student of the Month,

religious activities, special gymnastic days, FCAT, yardwork, home repairs, PTO meetings, Book Fair,

field trips to Discovery Gardens,

sick children,

an Usher concert,

and a graduation party with a luau theme.

Complete with it's own Saturday sky.

This explains why there has been little to no knitting/stitching content.

Next month is filled with teacher appreciation week, more field trips, a 5k run/walk (guess which I'LL be doing!), a ballet performance (to watch, not to be in) and gymnastic performances with extra practice days.

This explains why there will be little knitting content in May.

However I *DO* have a project to share. I finished it off this AM specifically so I could have a finish to start the month with.

It's a blanket for the Knit1Bless2 charity that Debbie Macomber is sponsering. I was SO happy to have it finished, even though the area that I bound off looked a bit funky. When I layed it out to take a picture of it, I realized what was wrong. It was curling because I didn't finish it with the garter stitch border!


Now I need to rip out the bound off edge, add the border and then bind off again. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It took a LOT more yarn than expected, but I think the colors blend well. I'll post the final details once it's finished. I'm *hoping* to finish it off in the next couple of days, maybe even tonight while I bake three batches of brownies. Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Week and I have two schools to bake for.


Anonymous said…
Your doing it!!! I'm so proud of you. Where are you 5King?

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