Saturday Sky

Did you ever have one of those days/weeks/months/year where you feel like you are constantly trying to get caught up? I've been feeling like that alot this year and I've got to figure out how to change that. I may have to schedule my time a bit more so I can schedule in some *me* time. There always seems to be something that interrups what starts out as quiet time for me. Within 15 or 20 min either a child or spouse needs something. I need to start locking my door. However Baby Girl is fighting what #1 Son and I have just gotten over and she is miserable. I hate to see them so sick, esp since I know EXACTLY what they are going thru.

Some good news.....I found my sock AND Baby Girl's tank. It was buried under a pile of clothes that needed to be hung up. I'm slowly trying to get caught up with laundry and paperwork. It seems as soon as I get thru all the coupons and the flyers for checking sales, etc, two weeks go by and I have another pile.

More good news.....look what I ate today!

It's supposed to be a yellow pepper but it wasn't doing too well on the plant so the IO took it off to see how it was. It looks and tastes just like a green pepper. So I threw it in a pan with some butter and onions, added some eggs and covered it all with provolone.


The tomatoes are looking good as well.

We did pick two of them and while they looked ready to eat, the one wasnt quite ripe enough. I'm going it a couple more days....

So there you have it. I've been feeling pensive and a bit stressed the past few weeks and while I know some things I just cant change, other changes are coming down the pike and I'm hoping that they will bring some relief.

Meanwhile I will be knitting on my sock. I'm missed it and just the simple act of working on it will make a difference.

You got any more peppers???


Anonymous said…
Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Glad you found your knitting.
Chris said…
Aren't yellow and red peppers really just green peppers that have had the chance to ripen?

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