Saturday Switch up

The more I try to organize, the more I realize how unorganized I am! I have bags of clothes that the kids have outgrown. I should just take the bags to GoodWill and be done with it, but there are some clothes I can pass on to friends, others I can sell on eBay. I have separated them into three bags that are now sitting in my living room. That is tomorrow's project.

All week long I've been slowly working my way thru paperwork. Can I tell you how sick I am of paperwork?? Ihave two boxes left and while I should have just finished them off, I needed a change of venue. Hence the clothes. Once those piles and bags were moved out of the hallway, I came across a pile of fabric for a quilt.

Once I started playing with fabric I knew what I had to do.....

I now have 30 fussy cut 4.5 inch squared fabric piled in a nice little stack.

I also cut an additional 20 for a future swap. And whatever was left over is in another pile for another swap.

I have 4 more different fabrics to get thru before I'm done with my stack. And instead of buying more fabric, I'm going to incorporate some Let It Snow fabric to break up the snowman squares. What pattern will I be using? Snowball of course!!! This quilt has been in the works for quite some time now (maybe 5 years) and I'd like to have it done by the time it's cold again. Baby Girl was very happy that this one was for us. Apparently the last quilt I made for the family was 10 years ago.

Yes that IS #1 Son. Poor kid has yet to have his I Spy quilt. Do soon to be 13 y/os still WANT an I Spy quilt?!? I'll just have to make it big enough for ANY of us to use just in case they don't........

Meanwhile I'm going to post two pictures of my Saturday Sky. This is what it looked like to the west.

Blue skies with a few billowy clouds floating by.

My eastern sky looked like this

Lots of swirling clouds that made you want to stay inside. When all was said and done, I still had to water my plants.......


Anonymous said…
I did too. :-( No rain here and getting might smoky from that brushfire out on the 528.
Wendy said…
The winter fabrics are adorable. And you are ready.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. The little purses only hold a spool or two and some snips, but very sweet to have them.

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