Tuesday in the Garden

I used to spend my time walking thru JoAnn's browsing the shelves for deals and ways to spend my 40% coupon. Because of that I've built up quite the stash of yarn and fabric. So now when I walk thru JoAnn's I find the stuff that draws my eye I either already have or have something very similar to.

Which means I need to find another way to stash. I have found it at Lowes. Specifically in their clearance section. Today was bring a flower for your teacher and instead of buying a bouquet that would die, Baby Girl wanted to buy a flowering plant, something that would last a bit longer than a couple of days. Marigolds won out. Plus they were on sale for 69 cents.

Uh oh..............

After I dropped #1 Son off, I decided to go back to look at what else was cheap. While I still dropped more than I expected I got some good deals.

Roses for $5

Some salvia for the butterfly garden that I seem to be growning

These were in clearance and only cost $1.50 each.

I also got some more marigolds and zinnias. They were moving some to the clearance section since there were no more blooms on them. I may have to stop by after I pick up Baby Girl.

You'd think I had this gorgeous area with all these flowers but it's really not like that. I buy in piece meal so while it's looking better, it still needs a lot of work. And I really need to buy some shrubs for the front of the house. However those are never on special or clearance so I tend to avoid them. I think I need to just bite the bullet and get some. Maybe check out the other local nurseries. I know there are some cheap nurseries a bit further out, but at almost $4/gal for gas, it's a better deal to go close and pay a dollar or two more.

My true excitement? I haven't killed off too many things. My pansies are almost gone, they cant seem to hand the heat, but I have one plant that is struggling to keep going. That one bloom keeps the plant in place. The dime petunias are still doing well, for the most part.

I'll replace this one with another one from the clearance bin. Can I tell you how much I love the dime and quarter bins????

I thought the bougainvillea was going to die (since I paid full price for it) but I finally just planted it and hoped for the best.

I've got blooms again so that is a very good sign!

The tomatoes are still status quo

No new ones but these are filling in very nicely. I'm hoping they'll be turning red very soon.

and LOOK!!!!!!

Two more peppers!!!

with a baby on the way!

I may get to eat a pepper yet.

If you've made it this far, know that there will be knitting content tomorrow. I finished off the blanket and just need to weave in the ends. Now that this is done, I need to find the tank I started for Baby Girl. It must be with the sock because I can't find either one.......


Susan said…
I can't wait to start shopping for flowers! I can imagine that your heat would be hard on some of them. Even the heat here in the summer takes its toll, especially on the ones that I don't water and fertilize enough.
Chris said…
Oh oh... :D
Anonymous said…
Congratulations with your plants, so far. It looks like you are having some real success. I personally love petunias and marigolds. Both are very strong and seem to survive almost anything, and bloom forever at the same time. Here they also have the added benefit in that the deer don't like them either. LOL

Continued good wishes with your gardening this year. :)

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