TuSal and a finish

I'm off by only a day for my May TuSal.

If you look at the very bottom, you'll see some floss, but for the most part it's yarn from my latest finish.

Here's my blanket for Knit1Bless2.

I started using one blue and one white strand of Simply Soft yarn but ran out not even half way thru the blanket so I needed to pull in other yarns of mine that would blend with the colors and also still be soft. The changes in yarn made the blanket wonky in parts, but I think once its washed and blocked, it will be fine.

Stats for this project are:

-Various worsted weight yarns double stranded
-cast on 93 stitches on size 15 needles (I would probably use an 11 or 13 next time, the drape is nice but when you hold it up I find it a bit more floppy than drapey)
-Date start: 2/21/11
-Date end: 5/1/11
Total Project time: abt 2.5 months

Yarn used up: 17.3 oz!

I'll be mailing this out sometime next week.

I now can work on my cherry tree hill sock or Baby Girl's tank. Once I find it. Since I will be on a bus tomorrow heading toward Universal Studios for a middle school band gig I may have to start up another sock. I've gotten the ok from #1 Son that I won't be an embarassment if I knit on the bus!


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