Ahead of the game!

I've been in a stitching mood lately so I pulled out a project that was VERY close to being complete.



It's DONE!!!!!! (backstitching really does make a difference!) All I need to do now is wash and press it to smooth out the stitches and fabric and frame it. Hmmmm, lately this is where I seem to get stuck. I have quite a few projects that need to be framed. That might be my project for the summer.....

Seasonal Scenes, a LA leaflet #2442 by Sandi Gore Evans.
Copyright 1993 (and I'm pretty sure I bought it around the same time)

Cream 16ct Aida
50 colors used

Finished size: 4.75 x 5.25

Date start: 8/22/07
Date end: 6/17/11

Only 4 years. Huh, apparently I'm a really slow stitcher as well.

What I love abt this leaflet is the fact that it has the same scene of looking thru a window but with different seasonal views. I still love the way it looks, but stitching the same window gets OLD. You've seen Seasonal Spring, but I have yet to start Winter or Summer. I'm not looking forward to stitching those windows again, but even now as I look at the finished projects, I still really like them. They will eventually get done.

With this done, I need to find something else to work on. There is always Maggie or Too Pooped, but I think I'm going to pull out Kitty Cat Row. This one is the closest to being done and it would be nice to get another finish under my belt.

Since there is a 105 heat index outside, my sky was shot while staying inside my house.

Pretty but OH SO HOT!


Anonymous said…
Seasonal Fall turned out beautiful. Just look at it and think cooler breezes! LOL

You're right...backstitching really makes all the difference.
Susan said…
I've always been amazed by how much backstitching completes a cross stitch fabric. Yours is lovely! I haven't been able to do any cross stitching in years - ever since my need for bifocals actually.

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