A day late and a dollar short

Five years and one day ago, I started this blog. Five days ago I planned on putting together a fun post which included a possible contest. Where did those days go?!!?

When I started this blog, I had one child that just finished up 1st grade and a 4 y/o. A busy mom to say the least, but there was no end of year craziness.

Fast forward 5 years and I now have a middle school man/child who will be having finals for the next three days (he will be taking his last final during the last hour of the last day of school. That is just WRONG!) I also have a 3rd grader who will be having an awards ceremony tomorrow and a party on Wed. Saturday will be a family dinner to celebrate a job well done.

So while I may be a day late, let's still have some fun with this anniversary. It's kind of a big one. Five years of blogging is pretty good!

Five years.

It got me thinking; back in the day, during an interview, the person would ask you "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" So think back 5 years ago. Are you in a place that your 5 yr younger self would recognize? Or are you in a much better place than you could have imagined??

Myself? My life is NOT what I imagined. It's much more stressful, much more poorer and much more difficult than I expected. While life can be hard, I have friends and family that get me thru. I also appreciate the fact that while I STILL have no baseboards, I have a roof over my head. While I don't go out to eat as much as I'd like, I have food in my fridge to eat (my scale can attest to that!) While there are times I wish to be left alone, I have a husband who loves me and kids that are turning out really well. So for all it's hardships, this life isn't so bad after all.

Plus it helps that I have a wickedly dark sense of humor.

And I knit.

What more could a girl want??

UH HEM!!!! What am I, chopped liver??

By the way,do we have any chopped liver?? It's been an hour since breakfast and I could use a snack......

So what abt you? Tell me what you think in the comments, either what you thought 5 years ago or where you expect to be 5 years from now. I'll pick a random winner next Monday and depending on if you are a knitter, a quilter or a cross stitcher will depend on what goes out to you. And if you are none of the above, well we'll just have to get creative over here at Happy Acres!


Anonymous said…
Five years ago I was wishing Stephen was ready to fly the coop. Now he has.

Am I happy about it? Yes. And no. Five years ago I was really heavy -- like 200 lbs. heavy.

Now I'm 32 pounds lighter. Am I where I want to be weightwise. Yes. And no. I have the body I've earned, but I haven't lost as much as I hoped.

Five years from now --- I'll be 60! I'm SO not ready for that. LOL
Susan said…
Congrats on your 5th blogiversary! We are both in our 5th year of blogging

5 years I was still working. I was crazy busy and stressed and tired, coping with chronic pain and a job. Now my life is much slower and relaxing although the pain does surpass what I had 5 years ago while in a flare. My son has become a responsible adult with a new business and home of his own.

My husband is retiring at the end of this month. I'm not sure how that will change our lives except that we will have to watch our finances very closely. I hope that my body allows me to enjoy my crafts in 5 years time.
SusieH said…
Happy 5-iversary!!! My blogging mojo seems to have been KO'd by Facebook, but I still love to read all the awesome blogs :)

Five years ago, I expected we'd be back in Nebraska and I'd be working freelance editing. I didn't expect to be in England still, to be the Volunteer Queen, for my husband to be away for half or more of each year for work, or for my younger child to have a British accent. I NEVER expected I would be running again. Most of all, I never anticipated how happy and full my life would be from all the things I never expected :)

But ooooooh, do I miss that husband of mine.
Linda said…
Hi Lynne,
5 years ago I was working full time and seemed to get alot more cross stitching and crocheting done. Had money - life was good. I was laid off a year and a half ago and No money - but life is great.
In 5 years, I hope to still be stitching and crocheting and will be more in love with my wonderful husband(if that is possible). He is my rock my world my partner.
I would love to be entered in your giveaway for cross stitch. You gave me your cat mat directions a while back.
June said…
I don't remember exactly what was going on 5 years ago, but I don't think anything has changed much. Life still goes on, and I still work on my charity projects, and I still buy sock yarn but hate to make socks!! As for five years in the future...yep, you guessed it...I don't expect anything will change. Life still goes on. Congrats on 5 years blogging!!
kathy b said…
THANKS FOR THE kind comment on my blog about the peonies. Im new to your blog but it is wonderful. The last 5 years.....wow
some very rough patches .
5 years ago 2 kids living at home.
5 years ago, health issues...NO LONGER ...yeah!!!
5 years ago, ...my dear dog was with us. Huck. RIP
Chris said…
Happy blogiversary! I'm not entering the contest, but I hope your next five years are happy and healthy, with less stress.
Anonymous said…
Hi! I just found your blog through Chris. 5 Years Ago today, I was 33, and getting ready to do some major home improvements including all new gorgeous wood flooring in my house. Then July happened. In one week, my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma, broke his leg in 4 places (both Tibia and Fibia), and a tree fell on our car and smashed it flat. I had to learn to be incredibly strong and determined to not let a week of crap ruin my life. Treatments for my husband cancer went on for over a year. Thank goodness for the broken leg or we wouldn't have survived as he broke it on the job and worker's compensation brought us through 2 years of him not being able to work. The wood floring that was so beautiful and supposed to be in my living room, kitchen, hallway is still in boxes in my dining room. But I learned that strength is something that comes to you when you need it, and even when life throws every piece of crud at you all at once, somehow we survive. 5 years later, I still have my husband, I have another dog, I work harder than I've ever worked secularly, I've gained, lost, and gained weight because of the stress, but I now know I'm a very strong human being and can face the next 5 years positively.

Wow, you probably didn't want a book. But it has been a crazy 5 years! Look forward to getting to know you through your blog.
Seanna Lea said…
(I'm here from Chris.)

Happy 5th!

Five years ago I was still with my relatively new husband in a small condo wondering if I would ever be able to have a dog. Now we live in a house with a cat and a dog and I've gone from just being a worker bee to contemplating opening my own business (my Etsy shop is so neglected that it doesn't count at all). I'm considering going back to school to finish my degree and I'm in a much better spot for doing that this time around. Life is pretty good though I am even more tempermental than I used to be!
Anonymous said…
Happy 5th Blogaverary Lynn. I see I've been at it just a wee bit longer, but if I had not looked to make sure, I would not have believed it. It will be 6 years for me in October. Wow, I would never have believed it back then, if anyone had told me I would be at this blogging for this long, and yet here I am.

Back then Lew was still with me, and that has been the biggest change over the last 5 years.

Also, my children were living their own lives. Today, my 2 younger children (46 and 43) are now living with me, because life became too difficult for them to make it on their own. I never expected this, so now my life is much more stressful too. But hopefully they will be able to get back on their feet and move on again.

Where do I expect to be 5 years from now. Since so much has happened that I never ever would have expected in the first place, I don't dare to even try guessing. But I would like to think I will still be here, reading your blog, and you reading mine. I have really enjoyed the casual, sort of friendship, we have developed over the years. Definitely not ready to lose that yet.

Have a great weekend. :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your blog's birthday! The five-year question is a great one.

Five years from now I hope to have figured out what I want to be when I grow up. :)
kathy b said…
New to your blog TOO! Great 5 year question. 5 years ago I was having some health issues. SOLVED now!

In 5 years I'd like to have a retirement plan, a couple of maine coon cats, a teardrop camper and I'd love to be a great lace knitter

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