Et tu Brute?

I HATE ripping back. In fact I dont usually do it unless it's really bad. A small mistake that nobody else would notice I leave alone. I'm non-anal that way. However tonight I needed to rip out almost 100 (yes ONE HUNDRED) stitches, including bind offs to fix The Tank.

I'm at the arm hole decreases and I checking the amt to decrease, the amt left on the needles and what I need left over for the front. I count. I count again. However I count the stitches on the left needle instead of the right needle. This means I end up with 5 more stitches than I need.

At this point I'm ticked off. THIS is what happens when you use a free pattern. Mistakes are made in the counting!! I went to Ravelry to see if there were any notes showing the error. What I found were the majority of people who knit this project loved it! A few people ripped it all out, while others had issues with the added on neck strip, but there were no issues with the count being off.

I go back to try to figure out what to do. Then I see the error of MY ways. The part of the pattern that made no sense to me was where I made my error.


Ok this is not something that I can fix by decreasing so I decide to tink back two rows to fix it. I end up tinking out a bound off stitch which left me with a big loop in the back. I tink back another stitch (dont ask me why) and I end up with a bigger loop.

~double sigh~

So I rip back 90+ stitches for two rows and then start the tedious part of picking up the stitches. THIS is the part I hate because I always end up twisting a few stitches or, GASP, dropping a stitch or two.

Thankfully this time I got all stitches present and accounted for and I can try this again.

I got enough stress in my life (including a computer keyboard that doesn't always type the letter G) without my knitting turning on me.

Now it's time for a bowl of icecream before I try this again.......


Anonymous said…
Ice cream makes EVERYTHING better.
Susan said…
My sympathy.

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