I'm more prepared than I thought!!!!

I admit, I'm a news hound. I love to check the news to see what's going on in the world. I check the earthquake sites, I check the hurricane sites, I check sites that tell me the world's disasters. I check mainstream news and I also check the off beat news sites. Those can be quite entertaining! I figure between the two, reality is somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes in these articles, they tell you how to prepare for a disaster. Well I'm not going to go out and buy a bomb shelter or a bunker and stockpile tons of food in it, but living in hurricane country I do have a small bag with some travel sized items in it, copies of important papers and clean underwear. Oh and enough yarn to make two pairs of socks. You know, just in case. I probably should add a few more items in it, but for now I'm good.

I was reading abt Greece and all the uprising going on there, which linked me to a blog of a person in Greece and what it was like for the common person, which linked me to a site of prepared-ness. It was your typical what-you-should-have-to-barter-if-the-end-of-the-world-should-hit site, but there was something different to this one. One of the items it said to have was warm clothes. Here is the paragraph I found especially fascinating......

Gortex, for instance, could give you incredible bartering potential. Wool socks are a rarity (how many people do you know with more than two pairs of wool socks?). Water resistant and water proof jackets and overcoats, boots, well made hiking shoes, and waterproofing chemicals and sprays will be needed within trade networks. The ability to make these items, or repair them, will also be valued.

Ok first of all, I know a LOT of people who have more than two pairs of wool socks!! And I also know a lot of people who have the ability to make or repair said items. So there you have it folks, if the dollar collapses tomorrow, we will be in great demand. I may not be able to grow more than a tomato or two, but I CAN barter some handknit wool socks for some food. That just justified my stash. In fact I think that's reason to buy MORE!!! Forget investing in gold and silver, WOOL is where you want to put your money!!!

And they've always said we were crazy. Yeah crazy like a FOX!!!!!!!

And I'll help catch dinner. Which one do you want??


Linda said…
Exactly what I've been saying for at least a year now! That's why I keep stockpiling! And they think we're crazy. Wool will be the new gold, people! And we will have our own Fort Knox! LOL
Susan said…
I love it!! Must acquire more wool, must acquire more wool.....
Anonymous said…
Man-oh-man --- I've got LOTS of socks and LOTS of wool. I'll be eatin' good!
Anonymous said…
Both my hubby and I have LOTS of wool socks. It's all the other disaster preparedness things that we don't have much of. :) Priorities, right??

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