I did it again!! After I ripped back and got the right number of stitches bound off and the number of stitches on my working needles correct, I proceeded to decrease. However after 10 rows I realized that I only decreased from one side of the back. I needed to decrease on both sides.

~heavy sigh~

This really has not been a good week, esp when my knitting kicks me in the butt. I still need to destress so I'm pulling out my kitty blanket. Kitties wont mind if I mess that up!

Edit to add: After putting The Tank in time out last night at 12:30AM, I pulled it out this morning and while listening to the Casey Anthony trial I proceeded to rip out 10 rows. Stitches are picked up and later I will start my decreases on both sides, this time using the proper decreases so the stitches lean the right way. That was the other thing I noticed this AM. This is why my mom always said to NOT work on projects when you are tired.


Anonymous said…
Your Mom was exactly right, but if I didn't knit when I was tired I wouldn't get any knitting done at ALL some days. LOL

Have a good holiday weekend.
Vivian said…
I'm beginning to believe knitting and ripping go hand in hand, or at least they are tied together for me! I can't remember a recent project that I didn't have to rip out at least once. Good luck with your tank! and have a great long weekend!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry this little tank is giving you such problems. But I know you will rise above them, and move on. It's going to be adorable, when you've finished it. No doubt about that. :)

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