Summertime Day 2

The last day of school was last Thursday, but I dont really count the beginning of summer break until the first full week of no school. This is the week I tell the kids that we are doing nothing. It's to help decompress from the school year.

I guess weekends don't count since it seems we've done nothing but go!! We have seasonal passes to Disney, which means we can only go during certain times of the year. The last day we could go in June was the 10th so off to Disney we went!

The best part? Some friends of ours were there as well and we ended up meeting them later in the day. It was HOT but thankfully once the sun went down, the breeze kicked up and it was much more comfortable the rest of the night. They ended up leaving after the fireworks,

but we stayed until the park closed at midnight.

We didn't get home until 2AM.

Sunday was another early start to the day that ended up with friends in Downtown Orlando for their free summer concert. This year? Rick Springfield!

We had a blast! It was the kids' first concert and not one they will soon forget.

We baked in the sun under 95 degree weather, then got poured on until we were completely soaked. The weather cooled down from 95 to 81. We were actually chilly!!! Fourteen degree drop with a cool breeze and a soaked shirt does not keep a girl warm!!! It didn't matter since we had the crowds to keep us warm.

Oh and Rick of course!

This night ended with us getting home at 12:40am. Needless to say, not much got done Monday. We all needed the downtime!


Another reason I know it's summer.

Somebody pass me a Slurpie!


Susan said…
That's. Too. Hot.

I see that your son didn't stick out his tongue in the pic. Is he already at the age where he is worried about looking cool? Baby Girl obviously doesn't have that problem ;)

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