'Tis the Season

For the next 6 months, us Floridians along with the rest of the eastern seaboard will be watching the weather portion of our newscast to see if any monster storms are headed our way. See, while the rest of the US is gearing up for summer, we are gearing up for Hurricane Season. A season that lasts for 6 months. A season that starts today.

The Nat'l Hurricane Center says it will be an above average season, but who knows? After all the wacko weather in the US this past WEEK! (tornadoes miles wide, snow in Fresno to name just a few) who knows what we'll get by way of weather formations.

I just checked the website and apparently something is already brewing locally.

This is not a bad thing since we are having major brush fires just south of Daytona Beach. I don't mind the tropical depressions or storms, just keep the winds under 70mph.

Is that too much to ask??

A couple of you asked abt the pattern of the sock I just finished. I got it from Marguerite at Stitches of Violet. Click on the link to see the pattern. It's a nice stretchy ribbing, something needed for these cankles of mine. The only change I made was making the initial 1x1 ribbing only an inch long instead of 2" like Marguerite did.


Susan said…
I saw that there was a storm heading your way while I was watching the Weather Network today. I sincerely hope that Hurricane Season is kind to you this year. There have already been far too many weather problems this year.
Chris said…
Good luck! We're in tornado season, which isn't supposed to start until July?!

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