We Have a Winner!

I have to say I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading all of your comments abt your 5 year plans both past and future. VERY interesting! And I hit double digits with my comments, too, including some new people. Welcome!!!

So who won?? Being high tech here, I input all the names into a special program

making sure it was inspected by the anti-virus software

and had the computerized analysis pick out the winner (also known as the IO).

And the winner is


Congratulations Susan! I still don't know what you're getting, but it will be a fun package, promise!

Thanks to all of you for playing. I appreciate all your visits and while I don't post projects as much as I'd like, I do hope the cats make up for it.

There BETTER be some tuna in this for me......


Chris said…
Congrats, Susan!
Susan said…
Thanks so much Lynn!! I'm thrilled to be the winner!
Anonymous said…
Whew! That is a high tech system. Cats always make up for lack of projects. Especially orange kitties licking their toes.

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