Better than Fireworks

That would be a finish!!!

This is kitty blanket #1. I'm REALLY happy with how it turned out. However it's been on the needles for a LONG time!!!

Kitty Blanket #1
Cast on 90sts on size 10 needles
Date start: 2/4/10 (yes 2010!)
Date end: 7/3/11
Total project time: 1yr 5 months

Finished size: 23x28

yarn used: Caron Simply Soft Chocolate #20 and Wine Country #15
Naturally Caron Country Sunset

double stranded, chocolate used thru out the project, 19 rows for each other color

yarn used up: 1lb 2oz

Of course once this was done, I cast on for another kitty blanket!

This time I cast on 60sts using a size 13 needle and 3 strands of worsted weight. I don't expect it to be as big or take as long as the last one!!!!

The Tank did come out of time out today and I finished the back. I started the front but need to work on it during the day when I'm not tired. The pattern has me decreasing three different areas at the same time and I really need to concentrate! It didn't take long today to get thru it, maybe a half hour so I know I'll be able to get it all done tomorrow. Then it's on to the neck strip. Baby Girl should be wearing it in a week!


Anonymous said…
Lovely kitty blanket! I should knit my dogs their own blankets, but it wouldn't matter they claim everything we own.

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