Go big or go home!

Those who have stitched with me know that I like to copy my charts so I can color in the areas I've done. Keeps the original in good shape and I can throw out the old tattered copy. Those who have stitched with me also know that my copies are HUGE! I have the IO make a copy for me, but he doesn't just make a copy, he scans in the chart and prints it out bigger, so I can see it easier. My personal copy ends up being 4 pages huge and I have to tape it together so I can keep track of where I'm at.

You need to know this abt the IO for the next story to make sense.

#1 Son likes to collect the state coins. We've talked abt getting one of those special containers that will hold your coin for you in the state that you have. The IO said don't bother, he can just print out a map of the US and #1 Son can just tape the coins to it.

I knew it would be big, but even this blew me away.

#1 Son LOVES it! He doesn't use it for his coins, though. Instead he has it taped to his bedroom wall.

As long as the IO uses his insanity for good instead of evil, it all works out just fine.


Sandie Knapp said…
Since I have done a good amount of counted cross stitch myself, I know who small those charts can be. I can imagine, it must be a great help to you having them enlarged to your personal liking. Happy stitching. :)
rebekahsyarn said…
That is great! I one time taped a huge spreadsheet together, 100+ sheets of 11 x 17 paper. It took up our 18 person conference room at the office. It was insane.

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