I am on FIRE on a Feline Friday!

Kitty blanket #4 is done!

Finished in 5 days! I used three strands of the TLC Essentials that I just got on size 13 needles. Cast on 60 sts and 4 days later I have the above! This one is 20.5" x 21.5" and I used up 13.5oz of yarn. WOOHOO!!!!

Since this is a KITTY blanket for the shelter I came from, I don't mind sharing the spotlight.......

That's very big of you Princess.


Chris said…
Yay for the kitty blankets!!! :)
Wendy said…
You are very sweet to make blankets for the kitty's. Your Princess looks a lot like my Boo, he came from a shelter as well.

Thanks for visiting my blog. The little quilt the jam is sitting on is a doll quilt, I bought the kit from Daisy Cottage, she has some great kits.

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