Opening a HUGE can of worms!

We've been in the process of swapping out two bedrooms here at Happy Acres. We pretty much had it all done except for the closets and the bookshelf. #1 Son is moving into what used to be my craft room. It's bigger and brighter and he really does need the space.

However since he inhabits both rooms, they are both a mess. I told him if he could clear out his stuff from his old room, I can move my stuff in and we'd be done with it all. This gets him going and he clears out all his stuff. Now he wants to move my stuff from the closet. I said as long as he's careful and doesnt just throw the stuff in the room, go for it.

He comes in 15 min later and tells me that I have a lot of stuff!!! He pulls 5 things out and there is SO much more behind it!!! It's like a clown car!

Ten min later he comes back in to tell me he found a quilting hoop that is older than him. And it's still in the box!!!

I told him I bought all that stuff back when I was a quilter, but once I had kids all those plans got shot out the window! I also told him it was a testiment to how well I can pack a closet!!! When I walk into that back bedroom all the contents of the closet now fill up the room.

I've got a LOT of stuff..........

Meanwhile I've got great cloud formations.

We've been getting a lot of rain lately, including today.

Now that you know we're spending the wknd dismantling the craft room, what have you been up to?


Vivian said…
I'm so glad no one is digging out my closet, cause I don't even know what's hiding in those corners!
Susan said…
The thought of cleaning out closets gives me a headache. I have so much clutter to clean up around here but I'd rather do anything else.
Dee said…
We did a major clean out after Stephen moved. It feels so good to have two EMPTY closets!

This weekend was stash shopping (just a little bit) and ANOTHER baseball game.

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