Road Trip!

I should have realized that once this week started there would be no way I'd have time to work on Baby Girl's tank. I guess it will be coming with me this wknd. We will be hitting the road tomorrow to NC to meet up with family and eventually drive to the Outer Banks. I'm tentatively looking forward to this trip, it's been a lot of work geting ready for it. They have a state of the art tv but you have to bring your own linens. So not only am I washing clothes but towels, sheets and blankets too. Extras for those flying in that cant bring their own.

And I'm making dinner Sunday night (we've all been assigned a day to cook). I will be making ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, an assortment of fresh veggies and corn bread for 24 ppl. I have all the food, including the ham to drive up with. The only store near the place is 8 miles away and its small. Plus I wont have time to shop when we arrive or when we leave. Tonight I'll be making a list of what to do when so that it goes smoothly on Sunday.

See, a busy little bee I have been! But once the paper plates have been thrown out and the counter has been wiped clean, I am DONE for the rest of the trip! There is a method to my madness of being the first to cook.

Meanwhile I have done nothing with my knitting! That's ok, I will bring the tank and the sock and it will be fine. I also plan on bringing some new sock yarn and may cast on for anther sock while there. I think I want something mindless like a vanilla sock to knit while sitting outside.

The crazy thing abt all of this? The IO had a contract job end early (of course the timing was LOUSY!) and he has interviews lined up for next week, including a job that might start Monday. So he's not going. It's his family that's having the reunion and he's not going. BUT right now jobs are more important than reunions and the family understands.

Gotta love it! The computer is coming with me so there may be a post here and there. Those who are my friends on Facebook will be seeing more.

As long as there is a body to feed us, all is good.


Dee said…
Have a good time on vacation.

You certainly have had a tumultuous year. :-(
kathy b said…
I love me some ham!!! And now the cat won't have to be alone...
have a safe great trip

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