Tu Sal on a Saturday Afternoon

It's another hot one here at Happy Acres. It's only noon and it already feels like 105. It also explains why my sky is taken from inside the house.

WAY too hot to go out there!

It's also TuSal time.

I wanted to make sure that I posted on time.

So with the heat outside, what are we planning on doing today?? Make some butter of course!!! Baby Girl and I saw it on Alex's Day Off and thought it would be really cool to do. I'll let you know how it goes........


Susan said…
Today is very nice here but tomorrow's forecast is for a humidex of 38C (just over 100F). Still not as hot as Florida but really hot for Saskatchewan.
Anonymous said…
I do NOT envy you the heat. We had a few days of it back a short while ago, and it was too much for me, even just the few days. Much nicer now. High's in the low 80's and low's in the low to mid 60's. Great for sleeping, and a wonderful breeze blowing all the time. I guess I really am a dyed-in-the-wool mountain girl! LOL

Have fun :)
Vivian said…
I saw your butter making pictures on Facebook and was very impressed. I never knew you could do that! For the buttermilk, my inlaws always make buttermilk pancakes and they are really good. I'm sure you can find a recipe online.

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