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It's a new moon already and its time to show off our orts.

Nice and colorful. And that's all from this month.

So do you have a contribution to the TuSal?

One week of school

equals two sick kids......


This is early even for us. However we are not the only ones. We have friends in FOUR different schools with kids sick. At least we made it thru the first week. I have two friends whose kids were home by Wed.

This means my time on the computer has been limited, but my knitting hasn't. I've finished one of Delaney's sock

and started the second one.

I'm SO hoping these will fit!

Worked some more on my scarf.

I try to put in at least an inch a day. It will still take some time to finish but it's moving along, abt 9 inches now.

Since there were only two projects on the needles I started another sock

It's with Lorna's Laces sport weight yarn. I'm not too sure I'm loving the patterning to these guys, I'll decide once I get further down the foot.

Last week I had to go to JoAnn's to pick up some art supplies for #1 Son. Of course I had to look around and some other fun things jumped into my cart. Don'…

And they're off!!!!

Image to school......

....and off the needles.....

I finished these off last night and ended up sleeping in them. Very comfy but a little stretched out for their photo shoot this AM. Here they are when I first tried them on.

I love my coordinating toes!

I bought two skeins of the Ocala Beach (the main part of the sock) but since the socks had short cuffs, I only used one. This is what is left of that one skein.

This weighed 0.1 oz. I wasnt stressed because I have another skein, but that's not much left at all!!!

Classic Soxs
64sts on 2.5mm needles
2x2 cuff for an inch
ss for an inch before heel started

yarn used: Classic Elite Summer Sox Ocala Beach and Terra Cotta
yarn used up: 2.1 oz/209 yds

sock #1: 7/18-8/14/11
sock #2: 8/14-8/21/11

the second sock always seems to go faster for me.

Now that these are done I can concentrate on the socks for Delaney, but I already plan on casting on using a size 2 needle and some Lorna's Laces sport weight yarn. I'm on a sock ro…

Saturday Sky

It's been a busy last week of summer here at Happy Acres, filled with friends, football, bowling and shopping. We also got to meet the new teachers for the coming year and I think it's gonna be a good one.

A couple of months ago, at the beginning of summer, we found a blow up pool that looked perfect for the kids to play in. It had a slide that showered you with water as you slid into the pool below. The ad came out on Sunday but by Thursday NO PLACE had them! Flashforward to three days before school starts and what do I find at Target??? Since it's still summer here for another couple of months (at least!) and it was on clearance, that puppy came home with us. Doesn't it look fun?!?

However reality and marketing have yet to agree. #1 Son almost popped the slide and flew out of the pool. Baby girl at least caught herself before she landed in the mud. She has found another use for it.

Do you notice the size differences between the marketing picture and what Bab…

Feline Fridays

One size does NOT fit all!!!!

Fists and Starts ~or~ You Win Some, You Lose Some

It's back to school time here at Happy Acres. We've been school shopping and clothes shopping. Everyone is geared up for school, which is nice. We need that routine back. Let's hope it's a good one.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I've been working and FINISHING some projects. First one done is The Tank.

It was a bust. I didnt like the way the decreases were done, I didn't like the way the neck strap was done OR attached to the garment. The yarn was nice, but not very forgiving. My gauge never went off, but the stitches didn't always lay right. I've never had that problem with cotton before. AND Baby Girl didn't like it. In fact even though I took a pic of her wearing it, she wouldn't let me post it.

So there you have it. Five months of working on a tank that didn't turn out so well. Oh well, I still have my socks.

Speaking of which, I have one of my socks finished.

I really love the color combos, and while the yarn is ok, I prob…

Feline Fridays

The belly may be big, but look at that tushy!!!!!!

A-HEAD of the game!

I wanted it done by the wknd and I got it done yesterday!

I really enjoyed knitting this hat up, even with the Malabrigo. I think I'm going to cast on for another one as well. I'm starting a pile of hats and scarves to send to my SIL in upstate NY. She does volunteer work up there and she said there are PLENTY of families who need warm hats and scarves come winter time. #1 Son has a head the size of an adult and it fits him just fine.

You can see he's such a willing participant! I even made him do a side shot.

Told him this better be the ONLY mug shot he EVER gets!!!

I cut it close too, this is what I have left.

Abt 5.5gms or 11.5yds. I'll probably add it in for a stripe in another hat. I LOVE it when I can make such good use of the entire skein of yarn!

Feline Fridays

Who is this Jabba the Hut?

And why do you think I look like him???

WIP-y Wednesday

There has been some knitting going on around here. I have no picture, but I have completed all the knitting for The Tank. Now I have to just put it together and add the single crochet around the neckline to finish it off. This is where I have my issues. I can knit, but the finishing work kills me. I'm hoping tomorrow I can pull it out.

We've got my CTH socks/Delaney's socks project.

Basically I ripped out the 2nd sock cuff and will start on her socks very soon. I wanted to make sure how many stitches I needed to cast on before I started. Now that I know, I should be able to cast on in the next day or two. I should have enough yarn in this ball for both her socks. If not, my sock will get ripped out. Actually I think I may rip this sock out anyway and add it as the heel and toe of the other color of CTH that I have. Not sure yet, we'll see how these socks go first.

And since I dont have those socks to work on anymore, I started a pair while in NC.

I'm using…

The trials and tribulations of summertime

Trials and tribulations during summer??? Really?!?

Yep. And here we are again. During the month of May I canNOT wait for summer to start. All school activities seem to be scheduled during the month of May which means parties and field trips are at its peak. It also means final exams. Lots of craziness ensues.

Summer starts. Ahhhhhh. LOVE IT! No schedule to check. No specific place to be. No alarm to set. Sleeping in rules!!!!

Now that we are in August, the lack of a schedule takes its toll. We're all getting antsy. All the summer programs that were set up locally are now over (of which we only went to two). We've gotten an overabundance of sun. This is when I look to the calendar to see when school starts.

Less than 3 weeks.

I'm happy. The rugrats are NOT. While this may surprise me (they usually enjoy school), after the year they just had, I cant blame them for their anxiety.

It's a new year, you will be fine.

Plus I love school shopping.

Of course …

Homemade Butter

Baby Girl and I like to watch a lot of cooking shows, and while there are a lot of recipes we'd like to try, we don't seem to do it.

Until today.

One of the shows we like to watch is Alex's Day Off. On her brunch episode, she makes homemade butter. Oh we can do that!!!!

First you start out with heavy cream and sour cream.

A pint of heavy cream and a 1/2 cup of sour cream. Alex uses a full cup but I was afraid it would be too tangy.

Wisk them together so they can meet and get to know each other.

Now we get down to business and pull out the big guns, the Kitchen Aid!

the recipe calls for low speed so we set it on #4.

Meanwhile we pull out the cheese cloth, a strainer and a bowl

and an ice bath.

Since there is no magic of TV in real life, I decide to turn into Emeril and kick it up a notch. #6 on the mixer really got things moving!

We're moving along now!!

Almost there......

and DONE!

This is so cool!!!!! Now we need to drain the buttermilk off

it kind of looks like scrambled eggs,…