And they're off!!!! to school......

....and off the needles.....

I finished these off last night and ended up sleeping in them. Very comfy but a little stretched out for their photo shoot this AM. Here they are when I first tried them on.

I love my coordinating toes!

I bought two skeins of the Ocala Beach (the main part of the sock) but since the socks had short cuffs, I only used one. This is what is left of that one skein.

This weighed 0.1 oz. I wasnt stressed because I have another skein, but that's not much left at all!!!

Classic Soxs
64sts on 2.5mm needles
2x2 cuff for an inch
ss for an inch before heel started

yarn used: Classic Elite Summer Sox Ocala Beach and Terra Cotta
yarn used up: 2.1 oz/209 yds

sock #1: 7/18-8/14/11
sock #2: 8/14-8/21/11

the second sock always seems to go faster for me.

Now that these are done I can concentrate on the socks for Delaney, but I already plan on casting on using a size 2 needle and some Lorna's Laces sport weight yarn. I'm on a sock roll and I want to keep it going!!!!!

edit: fixed the incorrect spelling in title. I can't even blame lack of coffee....


Anonymous said…
Now that the kiddos are in school, there should be more knitting time.

The socklettes are adorable AND you have enough for another pair.
kathy b said…
I love shorty socks. So cute that you wore them to bed
still too hot for that here.
Happy new school year
Kathy... said…
I hope your schools are all air-conditioned. Ours are not. Schools used to start after labor day, here in Iowa. Now they start earlier - this week - and most are letting classes out early because of the summer heat. BG's preschool does not start till Sept. 7th.

Your socks look great. I like short ones like that for warm weather wearing.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the colors in that yarn. Someone is going to have happy feet, wearing those. :)

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