Fists and Starts ~or~ You Win Some, You Lose Some

It's back to school time here at Happy Acres. We've been school shopping and clothes shopping. Everyone is geared up for school, which is nice. We need that routine back. Let's hope it's a good one.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch I've been working and FINISHING some projects. First one done is The Tank.

It was a bust. I didnt like the way the decreases were done, I didn't like the way the neck strap was done OR attached to the garment. The yarn was nice, but not very forgiving. My gauge never went off, but the stitches didn't always lay right. I've never had that problem with cotton before. AND Baby Girl didn't like it. In fact even though I took a pic of her wearing it, she wouldn't let me post it.

So there you have it. Five months of working on a tank that didn't turn out so well. Oh well, I still have my socks.

Speaking of which, I have one of my socks finished.

I really love the color combos, and while the yarn is ok, I probably wont buy it again. Nothing wrong with it, but I'm realizing that I really do prefer wool for socks. This is a cotton/wool combo. Again, not bad, but wool is definitely becoming my go to sock yarn. Sock #2 is started and I'm already at the heel flap. Gotta love 2" cuffs!!!!

I've also started the socks for my niece.

Not real far along, but these really wont take me long either. The cuffs will be a little over 3" and the foot won't be much more. Gotta love little kid socks, too!

That's all I got on the needles and I'm itching to start a scarf. I'm probably going to do a red scarf that will go to my SIL in NY. May have to cast on tonight as well........


Anonymous said…
That's a shame about the tank not working out.

But, the socks make up for it. They are really cute!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry the tank top didn't work out well, for you or for baby girl. I give you a lot of credit for sticking with it and finishing just the same. Maybe you can donate it. I'm sure there is a little girl somewhere that would feel ever so special in a hand made top.

The socks are gorgeous! I love the colors in the yarn. Very nice indeed.

And again, your son's hat is perfect. So he doesn't like the fuss. It still looks great! :)

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