A-HEAD of the game!

I wanted it done by the wknd and I got it done yesterday!

I really enjoyed knitting this hat up, even with the Malabrigo. I think I'm going to cast on for another one as well. I'm starting a pile of hats and scarves to send to my SIL in upstate NY. She does volunteer work up there and she said there are PLENTY of families who need warm hats and scarves come winter time. #1 Son has a head the size of an adult and it fits him just fine.

You can see he's such a willing participant! I even made him do a side shot.

Told him this better be the ONLY mug shot he EVER gets!!!

I cut it close too, this is what I have left.

Abt 5.5gms or 11.5yds. I'll probably add it in for a stripe in another hat. I LOVE it when I can make such good use of the entire skein of yarn!


Anonymous said…
Waste not, want not, right? The hat looks great!

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