Homemade Butter

Baby Girl and I like to watch a lot of cooking shows, and while there are a lot of recipes we'd like to try, we don't seem to do it.

Until today.

One of the shows we like to watch is Alex's Day Off. On her brunch episode, she makes homemade butter. Oh we can do that!!!!

First you start out with heavy cream and sour cream.

A pint of heavy cream and a 1/2 cup of sour cream. Alex uses a full cup but I was afraid it would be too tangy.

Wisk them together so they can meet and get to know each other.

Now we get down to business and pull out the big guns, the Kitchen Aid!

the recipe calls for low speed so we set it on #4.

Meanwhile we pull out the cheese cloth, a strainer and a bowl

and an ice bath.

Since there is no magic of TV in real life, I decide to turn into Emeril and kick it up a notch. #6 on the mixer really got things moving!

We're moving along now!!

Almost there......

and DONE!

This is so cool!!!!! Now we need to drain the buttermilk off

it kind of looks like scrambled eggs, don't you think??

Lift out the cheesecloth,

and give it a little twist to get rid of the excess buttermilk.

That's a LOT of buttermilk!!

More than we expected!

Meanwhile the butter is just chillin'


Remove the cheesecloth

and admire your work!!

We had some some fresh rolls from the bakery that we used our freshly made butter on and


it was fantastic!!! Sorry, no pictures of that, but trust me, it was GOOD!


Anonymous said…
I used to make butter with the first grade every year. But, we only used the cream, not the sour cream.

I always took in pumpkin muffins for them to have with their fresh butter.
Susan said…
I used to make butter in the classroom too. We just poured heavy cream into a big jar and passed it around for every child to shake.

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