One week of school

equals two sick kids......


This is early even for us. However we are not the only ones. We have friends in FOUR different schools with kids sick. At least we made it thru the first week. I have two friends whose kids were home by Wed.

This means my time on the computer has been limited, but my knitting hasn't. I've finished one of Delaney's sock

and started the second one.

I'm SO hoping these will fit!

Worked some more on my scarf.

I try to put in at least an inch a day. It will still take some time to finish but it's moving along, abt 9 inches now.

Since there were only two projects on the needles I started another sock

It's with Lorna's Laces sport weight yarn. I'm not too sure I'm loving the patterning to these guys, I'll decide once I get further down the foot.

Last week I had to go to JoAnn's to pick up some art supplies for #1 Son. Of course I had to look around and some other fun things jumped into my cart. Don't you just love that?!?! I found some yarn that was calling my name

I plan on making another scarf with this one. I really love the color to it, its a bit more purple in person.

Then something else jumped into my cart, something unexpected.

Isnt it cute? I already started it too, worked on it a lot yesterday.

It's amazing what you can get done when you dont have a computer to play on......


Anonymous said…
What happened to the computer?

Sorry to hear the kids are sick? Colds? Or something worse? Hope they get better soon.
kathy b said…
boy it takes no time at all for germs to swap again.....not surprised.. Hope all are well again and dont miss much school
Judy S. said…
Is that pretty scarf the Yarn Harlot's one-row pattern? Very nice. Also like your new X-stitch and kitty photos. Sorry to hear your kids are sick; we had a bug that worked its way through the family thanks to the GK recently. Hope it wasn't that one!
Anonymous said…
Yes, it is amazing what you can do when stick to your needles and yarn. :)

Love the little coffee cross-stitch. Perfect for the kitchen or breakfast nook too. I have a feeling you will fly through that one. :)

I do hope everyone is recovered now from their illness. I don't envy you. I still remember, quite clearly, all the nasty things my kids would bring home from school. Thank goodness most of them are fairly harmless, although extremely annoying. :)

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