Saturday Sky

It's been a busy last week of summer here at Happy Acres, filled with friends, football, bowling and shopping. We also got to meet the new teachers for the coming year and I think it's gonna be a good one.

A couple of months ago, at the beginning of summer, we found a blow up pool that looked perfect for the kids to play in. It had a slide that showered you with water as you slid into the pool below. The ad came out on Sunday but by Thursday NO PLACE had them! Flashforward to three days before school starts and what do I find at Target??? Since it's still summer here for another couple of months (at least!) and it was on clearance, that puppy came home with us. Doesn't it look fun?!?

However reality and marketing have yet to agree. #1 Son almost popped the slide and flew out of the pool. Baby girl at least caught herself before she landed in the mud. She has found another use for it.

Do you notice the size differences between the marketing picture and what Baby Girl is chillin' in?!!?

The IO is heading to the store to get some plastic to extend the water fun and make it more of a Slip N Slide. The bouncing on the plastic slide will at least make the landing easier on the back.

While it is really pretty outside

is it super hot, we're up to 108 for our heat index and it's not even 1pm.

Hence the Saturday Sky view from inside the house.

On the knitting front, I am getting really close to finishing off my sock.

Delaney's sock is in progress as well, I'm abt to start the heel flap

AND I started a red scarf

This one will be added to the charity bag for Upstate NY.

I'm hoping to get my sock done by tomorrow. Hope you are all staying cool with whatever you do today. It's a HOT one!


Susan said…
Apparently they used Munchkins as models in that ad.
Anonymous said…
I can only imagine the disappointment with that pool. However, wet is wet and at 100+ degrees, I'm sure it feels just fine.
Zonda said…
Ugh on the slide/pool not turning out to be as big as the picture! Pretty sky though! Stay cool!

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