The trials and tribulations of summertime

Trials and tribulations during summer??? Really?!?

Yep. And here we are again. During the month of May I canNOT wait for summer to start. All school activities seem to be scheduled during the month of May which means parties and field trips are at its peak. It also means final exams. Lots of craziness ensues.

Summer starts. Ahhhhhh. LOVE IT! No schedule to check. No specific place to be. No alarm to set. Sleeping in rules!!!!

Now that we are in August, the lack of a schedule takes its toll. We're all getting antsy. All the summer programs that were set up locally are now over (of which we only went to two). We've gotten an overabundance of sun. This is when I look to the calendar to see when school starts.

Less than 3 weeks.

I'm happy. The rugrats are NOT. While this may surprise me (they usually enjoy school), after the year they just had, I cant blame them for their anxiety.

It's a new year, you will be fine.

Plus I love school shopping.

Of course a month from now I'll be complaining abt how we didnt do enough of this

There really is no pleasing me, is there??? I'll just have to console myself with lunches with friends, shopping sans enfants and quiet days at home (at least until 2pm)


Anonymous said…
I am SO looking forward to fall this year. It's my favorite time of year. I was anticipating having the house all to myself with the windows open and just doing what I want to do...then Stephen got fired and was around the house ALLLLL the time.

Now that he's out on his own ---- I'm looking forward to THIS fall! Can't wait for the first day when I can open up the house and get some FRESH AIR!

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