WIP-y Wednesday

There has been some knitting going on around here. I have no picture, but I have completed all the knitting for The Tank. Now I have to just put it together and add the single crochet around the neckline to finish it off. This is where I have my issues. I can knit, but the finishing work kills me. I'm hoping tomorrow I can pull it out.

We've got my CTH socks/Delaney's socks project.

Basically I ripped out the 2nd sock cuff and will start on her socks very soon. I wanted to make sure how many stitches I needed to cast on before I started. Now that I know, I should be able to cast on in the next day or two. I should have enough yarn in this ball for both her socks. If not, my sock will get ripped out. Actually I think I may rip this sock out anyway and add it as the heel and toe of the other color of CTH that I have. Not sure yet, we'll see how these socks go first.

And since I dont have those socks to work on anymore, I started a pair while in NC.

I'm using Classic Elite Summer Sox yarn, a wool/cotton blend. So far so good.

Last but not least is my Twisted Rib Watch Cap

I'm using up the rest of the malabrigo and I've been kicking some butt on this project! I'm 7" in and I only have another 2" before my decreases. I'm hoping to be done by this wknd. All that being said, I'm still not a big fan of the yarn. I know I'm in the minority with this one, but I just don't like the slubby-ness of the yarn.

Actually it's not slubby, its the yarn being only a single twist and unraveling a bit as you go along. I didn't untwist those spots, they were already like that. I tried to twist it a bit, but apparently I didn't do it good enough.

And for those of you not on Facebook, I won a Kindle! Our library was having a summer sweepstakes where everytime you checked out a book, you could ask for a entry form. We only checked out books twice this year so I didn't think I had much of a shot. Well it just goes to show you that you just need to play once (or twice) to win!!! One of the librarians called me to tell me that I won, but she also told me the story of another woman who REALLY wanted that Kindle, so much so that she was in almost every day this summer just so she could enter. They figured she would win because she had like 80+ entries in. And this just proves that you can have a million entries in but still not guaranteed to win!!! Poor woman, she really wanted that Kindle!!!!


Anonymous said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!! How great, winning a Kindle, especially with only 2 entries. I love it!!!

I also like those socks you are doing. That yarn looks great.

I've never used single ply yarn, not even my own homespun. I have seen other items knit using single ply homespun, and didn't care for the look of it either. So I'm with you there.


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