Day two of the grand opening

I REALLY cut it close this AM. They give out gift cards to the first 50 ppl and I was #49!!! I felt bad for the two women behind me. There was only one card left between them.

No yarn or fabric or stitching was bought this time around. I know!!! Nothing was calling my name to take them home. I did see some new yarn by either Deborah Norville or Vanna White (not sure which) called Everyday Acrylic. It was really soft and very pretty. They had enough to make a sweater, but I wasnt sure if I wanted brown or black. I'll wait for a sale to try it out.

Nope, this time it was a curtain rod for #1 Son's room and a couple of patterns for a skirt. I've got some nice drapey fabric that would make a pretty skirt for either me or Baby Girl. Not sure if there is enough for me, but Baby Girl will definitely get a new skirt out of it.

Tomorrow is the last day of the gift cards, but I plan on sleeping in. And I've already told the fam that I plan on doing NOTHING tomorrow. I need the rest and the recouperation. It's time to get caught up on the DVR recordings and to work on either my Coffee cross stitch or Delaney's sock. Maybe both.

No new wool for me to inspect?!? Oh the humanity of it all..........


Sandie Knapp said…
I hope your plans of a day of rest and recuperation comes true. Everyone needs time to themselves now and then. :)

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