Making Progress

I've been trying to spend at least 15 min a day in my craft room. While I only did that two days this week, I AM making progress. The first day was ONLY 15 min. I don't even remember what I did. I think it had to do with picking up garbage and organizing a bin. That was all I could do. I realized I needed a plan so a couple of days later I decided to fix the closet. Well not only did I do that, but I also finished putting the shelves up in the bookcase AND finished moving all the books from #1 Son's room into mine.

Here is my closet.

Nice huh?? I'm happy with it. I plan on going thru the bins once I get more organized. There are a bunch of magazines for quilting and cross stitching and knitting in there and I want to sort thru them and thin them out a bit. I also need to organize pictures/albums and books in that bookshelf of mine. I'm hoping I have enough room.

When I turned around I saw I still had this pile

and this pile

and lets not forget THIS pile!!!

I was getting that overwhelming feeling again and knew I needed to stop. At least now I have a pathway in the room that will make moving around easier. Again, I need to have a plan before I go in there. Makes it so much less overwhelming that way.

It's been a bit of a stressful week here at Happy Acres. School and PTO and the house and the IO and the kids and close friends AND extended family have been in high gear and it seems if its not one, its four other fires that need to be put out.

Which is why I was so happy to meet up with Dee today! We meet up at a local book store, have some coffee, knit and catch up. It's SO nice to talk to a grown up!! AND today I got to meet her son! Very sweet, very handsome, very nice. As always, Dee, I had a great time! Now that school is in, we need to do this more often.

There was some shopping afterward, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Tiger says:

I dont remember approving a joint Friday post.....


Dee said…
Yes, we definitely need to do that more often! It was good to see you again.

LOL Looks like most piles come with a cat. ;-)
Sandie Knapp said…
Every organization project has a beginning, and I would say yours started out very good. Now, you just have to commit to that 15 min. a day, and before you realize it, the entire room will all look great! :)

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