Monday Meme

Saw this on a few blogs so figured I'd participate:

A: Age: 44
B. Bedsize: king
C: Chore that you hate: Cleaning the house. I know, that's a big one. It's just frustrating to spend SO much time cleaning when it can be undone in a matter of minutes.....
D: Dogs: None here, only cats. In face I've only owned one dog in my life. I was around 10.
E: Essential to start your day: Coffee. I NEVER needed coffee when I was younger. I only started being consistent with coffee when I had to go back to work p/t when Baby Girl was 10 months old. Kids were practically babies but I still had to get up for work. Had to be *up* since I was working at JoAnn's and needed to be personable and peppy for the customers.
F: Favorite color: hard one to answer because it depends on what its for, but for the most part I tend toward reds
G:Gold or Silver. Gold.
H: height: 5'4"
I: instruments you play: I used to play the piano and clarinet really well. However so much time has passed that I'm back to being a beginner.
J: Job title : CEO for Happy Acres
K: Kids: 2 of them. Sometimes though the IO should be counted as one too....
L: Live: One day at a time
M: Mom's Name: Sandy
N: nicknames: never really had one.
O: Overnight hospital stays: Two; one for each kid.
P: Pet Peeves: whiners, ppl who ALWAYS complain.
Q: Quote from a Movie: This was another hard one. We quote movies all the time here. I think the one we use the most out of the blue would be "I want my two dollars!"
R: Right or left handed: Right, but I mini golf with my left hand and I used to hop with my left foot.
S: Siblings: two and yet I'm an only child (my family tree is VERY interesting...)
T: Take-Out food: pizza, chinese, fast food joints
U: Underwear: yes
V: Veggies you hate: carrots. I know, weird. Never liked them and not sure I EVER will.
W: What makes you run late: I am consistently 5 min late so I try to add 10 min to a half hour to my prep time. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. I also think I try to cram in too much in a short period of time. What I think I can get done usually doesnt happen in the time allotted for it.
x: Xrays: have had them, but not in a LONG time (years)
Y: Yummy food: roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and green beans. Favorite meal for sure.
Z: Zoo Animals: Lions or anything from the cat family.

Have fun with this one. If you play, leave a note in the comments so I can come read yours.


Anonymous said…
Okay, mine is up.
Anonymous said…
Always nice getting to know someone just a little better. :) I see we do have a few things in common too. One of them being that I too have a very interesting family history. :)
JelliDonut said…
I played. It's Dee's fault, by the way.
CleaStagnitti said…
I got it from Jelli and it won't go up until next Monday but my instrument was exactly the same as yours so I left it! Weird!

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