Monday Morning Update

I've been keeping some projects in the car so that I have something to work on while I'm waiting in line for the minions. This means I get to put in a few rows here and there throughout the week. However, I am also lazy, so when I want to work on something at night, I dont want to get said projects out of the car. Instead I cast on for new projects to work on. I have four going on right now, though I really thought it was more.....

First up is my red scarf for charity.

I've got abt 31" done which makes me abt 1/2 way complete. I LOVE scarves, but once I start working on them, I tend to get sick of them abt two feet in. I plug away some more and once I hit abt 40", I get excited again and finish it up quickly. I'm almost at that point.

My socks.

I haven't touched these in awhile. Time to start working on them.

The blanket for the house.

As you can tell it's Hemi approved.

Your basic rolled brim hat.

I just cast on for this two days ago so not much is done.

And I have one finish. I was working on a charity blanket for the Ravelry group Wool Aid. This blanket is called Purplicious and we all had to work abt 5" of purple worsted weight wool into the blanket. I was the last one before it goes *home* to the originator. She will sew in all the extra yarn pieces and add it to the pile to be shipped out. Here is my portion. Mine is the deep purple.

I used Stitch Nation's Full O Sheep in Plummy. The yarn is nice, it's 100% Peruvian Wool, but it's a single ply. I tend to unravel single ply if I'm not careful. LOVE the color. The pattern I used was a variation of a Twin Rib. Row 1: k3p3, Row 2: k1p1.

Here is what the blanket looks like before I mail it off.

I think it turned out really nice. I like that scrappy look. It actually reminds me of a peasant's skirt.

So there you have it; 4 projects and a finish. Not a bad showing for a Monday.


Love the last blanket, awesome colors! I like scarves too, but HATE to knit them!
Sandie Knapp said…
Not bad at all, especially for a Monday, or any day really. :)

I must say, I love the way those socks are knitting up. Those red strips are perfect they way they are falling into place.

I'm the same way about knitting scarves. I am fine in the beginning, but boredome sets in very quickly, and then I just can't wait to get it done. One of the reasons I've not really knit very many scarves. :)
kathy b said…
Love your blanket..the charity knit is wonderful.
I knitted the hat on my post today with a basic ann norling pattern. I cast on 88 stitches in Knitpicks swish. THen I knit a skein of 2x2 ribbing. After that I started the little bits of grey stripes. Stockinette straight for about 5 more inches, then decreases per norling . (k5 k2 tog around) knit around, (knit 4 k2 tog around ) etc

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