Saturday Sky with a Side of Stash

We were supposed to have 50% chance of rain today.

Instead the skies are beautiful overhead

and we've got a heat index of 104. Ugh. What happened to that rain and cool front we were supposed to get??? (Cool front is defined as a high of 89) This triple digit heat is getting old.


What's a girl to do?? Why stay inside an a/c'd house and stitch! But before we get to that we need to look at some newly acquired yarn. I've been doing SO well with stash acquisitions, but lately yarn's just been following me home. However when Araucania is on sale, you gotta get while the gettin's good!!! I had a hard time settling on which ones to buy, they looked so pretty! but I finally settled on these guys.

I had a faded denim in the group, but I ended up putting that one back.

So now that I've added to the stash, I guess I should go knit some of the older stuff up, huh???


Dee said…
Glad you found something you liked. Did you stop at the other Tuesday Morning or did you find that at the one we went to?
Kalyan said…
Simply beautiful...lovely!
Sandie Knapp said…
Gorgeous yarns, and they look so soft. Some one will be very happy to receive whatever you make with these. :)
Judy S. said…
Nice yarns! Wish our Joanne's had a deal like that. But then, I don't really need anymore yarn.... It's 50 something and raining in the corner of the map, so your skies look very inviting, the HI not so much.

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