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Getting it out of my system

If you are on Ravelry, you might have seen the latest craze buzzing thru, The Beekeepers Quilt made using the Hexipuff. The designer makes these little 3-D hexigons out of sock yarn, sticks them in a basket until she's got enough for a blanket. They are really cute and I've been considering doing one. I've looked at all the ppl making them, the different yarns they use, the different patterns they use, etc and it hit me, it's the toe of a sock!** One side is a toe-up toe and the other end is a cuff down toe. After a google search for toe-up instructions I cast on last night.

Cute huh? Mine came out bigger than the original pattern, but I can see the allure to them. Cute, poofy, and very versatile.

After making one of these guys I realized two things:
1. while these are adorable, I wont be making anymore. Not my thing.
2. since the beginning of these little guys is like starting a toe up sock, I discovered I will be sticking with my cuff down method. Again, n…

Who Says Boys Only Like Science?

When given the assignment of a project, instead of making it easy (drawings on a posterboard) Baby Girl sees it as an opportunity to get creative. It's GOTTA be in 3-D!!! And today, it had to explode.

They are covering volcanos in class this week (you can already see where this is going) and they had to make a drawing of the various parts of the volcano. Being the overachiever that is my daughter, she saw this as an opportunity to make a model that would explode!!! How??? Why puting in Diet Coke and Mentos of course!!!

We hit JoAnn's on Wednesday and bought the supplies. Then I hot glued the diet coke to the base. I helped with the foundation of the volcano (two posterboards wrapped around each other) and she added the felt, the clay, and the grass.

Here it is.

She set it off today.

The best part of this picture is the kids' expressions!

It's no wonder she's on the Honor Roll!!!

Feline Fridays

I can haz snugglz???

Monday Morning Evening Update

I'm feeling a bit productive with the knitting lately, I actually have another finish for the month!

A basic rolled brim hat. I used up a skein of Plymouth Suri Merino wool. It had alpaca in it which meant I needed to take breaks and drink water while working on it. Alpaca is NOT a good fiber for me to work with. I didnt have enough of the blue so I dug around in the stash and pulled out some OLD brown wool, Pingouin in chocolate. The differences in texture is amazing. The blue is so much softer, but when you wear the hat, the brown stripes are in areas that dont bother your skin. Baby Girl loves it and has added it to her collection. Now she wants a poncho AND a slouchy hat. I need to see if I have any yarn that she likes or if we need to take a trip to the LYS.

Meanwhile I'm plugging away on my afghan.

You can see I have 3 blocks already done with the 4th started. I *should* have enough yarn to finish off the 4th.

And I finished another sock, the blue and pink stripe…

Day Trippin' for a Saturday Sky

There was a group of us that caravaned up to the Gainesville area for a day trip of hayrides and corn mazes.

It's a local farm that puts on a fall festival thruout the month of Oct. We tried to stay together as a group in the maze

in search of those elusive stamps on our game card.

Will this produce a much needed game piece or will it result in a dead end???

The hay ride took us up over the hill toward the main house

and the anxiously awaiting cows. Some were a bit overly agressive for those feed pellets.

Here's the beef! Now where's the feed?

As I watched the riders feed the cows, I also watched the hired hands who drove the tractors and wondered if they were secretly laughing at us.

"Not only do we get them to feed the cows, but they pay US for the priviledge!!"

I don't know, I think it was worth the price of admission......


Best comment of the day:
6 y/o after he just got slimed by a cow's tongue: Cows a…

Rainy Days and Mondays....

.....I actually kinda like! Rainy days during the week make me want to clean and organize. Rainy days during the wknd make me want to sleep and read.

I know, makes no sense to me either, but I go with it.

I do have a few finishes to post. I finished a charity scarf for my SIL last week.

Stats for this scarf are:

*Yarn Harlot's One Row pattern
*Simply Soft yarn in Wine
*30 sts on size 8 needles
*8/17 - 10/1/11
*scarf measures 5.5 x 57"
*yarn used up: 4.9oz / 257yds

Baby Girl loves the scarf and I have a feeling it's not going to make the charity bin. It's a little shorter than I like for a scarf, but only just by a little bit. If it was given to a smallish woman it would be fine. We'll have to see......

Next project to see some progress is my afghan. I finally figured out a block size that I like and finished one over the wknd.

This one is a double stranded worsted in Lilac. It really is that pale of a purple, but next to a white or a pink, you can see the purplen…

Stormy Saturday Sky

Like Lucy said, my knitting has had me in fits and starts the past week. I lost my hat, the finished scarf is a bit short, my afghan square is a bit thin and my socks were left in the car........

However things are falling back into place. I make sure I bring my socks into the house now so I was able to knit a bit more on them. I've finished the heel and gusset and am working on the main foot now.

A few more inches and then I can start my decreases.

I decided to cast on another square for my blanket, this time double stranded.

I like the thickness better in this one so I think I'll keep going. I have a TON of this yarn so I know I should have plenty even with the double strands.

Last but not least, I found the hat! I was looking for something else and boom there it was!! Gotta love how that happens!

So we've got 3 active projects going and I'm back to being happy with all three.

Meanwhile we've had a very rainy, soggy day today. While last week could have been a …

Feline Fridays

Mom has been slowly going insane with her sticks and string. Normally she has fun with it, but lately she seems to be muttering under her breath. I keep waiting for some knotted up fuzzy toy to land on the ground to play with. I think I'm getting close......

Truth in Advertising

I'm not a morning person.

By ANY means.

In fact, there has to be a REALLY good reason for me to wake up before the sun does.

That being said, there was an article in the weekly Penny Saver about a Fitness Fair and 5k Run being held locally. It was sponsored by the local Chamber and the County Health Dept to encourage fitness and health. There was going to be free health screenings, including blood pressure and sugar checks. Massage therapists and chiropractors would be present to explain the health benefits of each. Zumba fitness would be sampled along with carnival type games that would include fun prizes and giveaways. And let's not forget the face painting along with the presence of Disney's Entertainment Team!!

THIS is something I'd get up at 5:50am for!

Sounds like fun, right????

O.M.G. NOTHING could be further from the truth......

There was no 5K, no face painting, no health screenings. What we had was a leaky bouncy house, free cold eggs, free organic gourmet I…