Day Trippin' for a Saturday Sky

There was a group of us that caravaned up to the Gainesville area for a day trip of hayrides and corn mazes.

It's a local farm that puts on a fall festival thruout the month of Oct. We tried to stay together as a group in the maze

in search of those elusive stamps on our game card.

Will this produce a much needed game piece or will it result in a dead end???

The hay ride took us up over the hill toward the main house

and the anxiously awaiting cows. Some were a bit overly agressive for those feed pellets.

Here's the beef! Now where's the feed?

As I watched the riders feed the cows, I also watched the hired hands who drove the tractors and wondered if they were secretly laughing at us.

"Not only do we get them to feed the cows, but they pay US for the priviledge!!"

I don't know, I think it was worth the price of admission......


Best comment of the day:
6 y/o after he just got slimed by a cow's tongue: Cows are disgusting!
Me: Really? I find them rather tasty.


Susan said…
Beautiful pictures! I love seeing how your trees are so different than ours.
Anonymous said…
That is one gorgeous sunset.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a fun time for everyone. At least you know you're going to have good weather for it. Up here, you probably would have been rained out. LOL

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