Getting it out of my system

If you are on Ravelry, you might have seen the latest craze buzzing thru, The Beekeepers Quilt made using the Hexipuff. The designer makes these little 3-D hexigons out of sock yarn, sticks them in a basket until she's got enough for a blanket. They are really cute and I've been considering doing one. I've looked at all the ppl making them, the different yarns they use, the different patterns they use, etc and it hit me, it's the toe of a sock!** One side is a toe-up toe and the other end is a cuff down toe. After a google search for toe-up instructions I cast on last night.

Cute huh? Mine came out bigger than the original pattern, but I can see the allure to them. Cute, poofy, and very versatile.

After making one of these guys I realized two things:
1. while these are adorable, I wont be making anymore. Not my thing.
2. since the beginning of these little guys is like starting a toe up sock, I discovered I will be sticking with my cuff down method. Again, not my thing.

So while I won't be making anymore hexapuffs, it turned out to be a good learning experience. Kind of like crossing off two things from a to do list. The above hexipuff is already stuffed, but I think I'll add some catnip to it and make it a cat toy.

I also cast on for another hat.

I'm using up some Simply Soft yarn in Chocolate. It's what's left over from the kitty blanket I made back in July. I gotta say it's fun using up these extra scraps of yarn. I'm starting to get too much of a collection.....

In the weather front, we are having some GORGEOUS weather!

I'm happy to be out of the 90s, but this weather is a bonus!

Got the windows open and airing out the house. I really feel our fall is like spring up north. Makes you want to air out the house, and have a thorough cleaning. Cant do it in the summer, weather doesnt cooperate. Triple digit and single digit weather are the same, you cant do much outside.

Hope everybody is enjoying their Saturday!

**Disclaimer: I have NO idea how Tiny Little Owl makes her hexipuffs. I don't know the dimensions or the cast on numbers or any details of her pattern. What I posted is just what I found to work for me to get a similar look. While it's not something I wish to make, I still think they are adorable and if you are considering making them, definitely check out her site on Ravelry.


SusieH said…
Just popping over from my GoogleReader feed to leave an actual comment! I agree - gorgeous quilt but toe-upy-ness? not so much. I haven't been able to figure that out yet. I just get frustrated and end up swearing...not good!
VCFibers said…
I had not even thought about how a hexipuff is two toes! And I like the idea of putting catnip in the puff. I don't particularly relish the idea of making a whole quilt of them but I can make a few for my kitty :)
Denise said…
One small project and you get to cross two things of your list. Very creative to make it into a cat toy.

I love SS yarn when I need to use acrylic.

We are still waiting to see temps below 90 here. The weatherman keeps promising, but haven't seen it yet.
kathy b said…
ha aha ha.. I wont be hexipuffing either.....although I love the look . I just know I'd go crazy making them.
So can I cross two things off my list then too!
Ruth in So. MD said…
I haven't felt the allure of the hexipuffs at all. I don't like toe up either, and especially for that many puffs. (Not saying that my opinion won't change, but that's where I am for now. :)
Anonymous said…
Again Lynn, thanks for the chuckle. I could not agree more, where the Hexipuffs are concerned. Not my idea of a fun time either. And I've done at least 2 pair of socks from toe-up, and it's just not my thing either. I like the look of the short row heel, which is why I even tried them, but I hate the tiny holes along the side of the heel. A flap heel is so much sturdier, to my way of thinking, and I have a feeling they hold up better too.

I have made very few blankets, in my life, especially the kind that puts together a LOT of small pieces worked up first. I just don't have the patience for that kind of work. So I'm with you there too.

Still, it will make for a great cat toy, I'm sure. But as you have more than one cat, you might need to make just a couple more Hexipuffs. :)

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