Monday Morning Evening Update

I'm feeling a bit productive with the knitting lately, I actually have another finish for the month!

A basic rolled brim hat. I used up a skein of Plymouth Suri Merino wool. It had alpaca in it which meant I needed to take breaks and drink water while working on it. Alpaca is NOT a good fiber for me to work with. I didnt have enough of the blue so I dug around in the stash and pulled out some OLD brown wool, Pingouin in chocolate. The differences in texture is amazing. The blue is so much softer, but when you wear the hat, the brown stripes are in areas that dont bother your skin. Baby Girl loves it and has added it to her collection. Now she wants a poncho AND a slouchy hat. I need to see if I have any yarn that she likes or if we need to take a trip to the LYS.

Meanwhile I'm plugging away on my afghan.

You can see I have 3 blocks already done with the 4th started. I *should* have enough yarn to finish off the 4th.

And I finished another sock, the blue and pink striped one.
(insert picture here)(Blogger is NOT cooperating!)
I pulled out the blue one from the drawer to work on its mate. The yarn was used for Delaney's socks, but I have enough left to do another sock up to the toe. I figure I have enough for the main part of the sock and use a different color for the toes (I'll redo the finished one to match the toes). I've already started the cuff of sock #2.
(insert another picture here)(what is up with Blogger?!?)
So that makes 1 afghan and 2 socks in the works. Yet I'm feeling an itch to start another hat........


Anonymous said…
See Lynn knit. Knit, Lynn, Knit.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh...we can't see you knit. Blogger won't cooperate.
Anonymous said…
Oh my yes, Baby girl MUST have a slouchy hat. They are all the rage these days, and it doesn't even have to be cold to wear them, it seems. But what do I know about "fashion?" LOL

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