Rainy Days and Mondays....

.....I actually kinda like! Rainy days during the week make me want to clean and organize. Rainy days during the wknd make me want to sleep and read.

I know, makes no sense to me either, but I go with it.

I do have a few finishes to post. I finished a charity scarf for my SIL last week.

Stats for this scarf are:

*Yarn Harlot's One Row pattern
*Simply Soft yarn in Wine
*30 sts on size 8 needles
*8/17 - 10/1/11
*scarf measures 5.5 x 57"
*yarn used up: 4.9oz / 257yds

Baby Girl loves the scarf and I have a feeling it's not going to make the charity bin. It's a little shorter than I like for a scarf, but only just by a little bit. If it was given to a smallish woman it would be fine. We'll have to see......

Next project to see some progress is my afghan. I finally figured out a block size that I like and finished one over the wknd.

This one is a double stranded worsted in Lilac. It really is that pale of a purple, but next to a white or a pink, you can see the purpleness of it. I made a swatch of this yarn and it softens up the more you wash it. I'm abt 2" into the next block (the finished size is abt 8" square) Once I'm done with this block, I'll weight the leftover skeins to see if I can get one more out of it.......


Anonymous said…
Baby Girl IS a smallish woman. maybe the scarf would be perfect for her. As they say ... charity begins at home. LOL
Back in 2008 I won a contest you sponsored and "refound" you on my blog. Now I'm following you! I am a knitter, too, and LOVE these rainy days.
Anonymous said…
I really like your scarf. The pattern is quite well defined, and very attractive. I'm sure it will be enjoyed and appreciated by whomever you gift it to. :)

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