Stormy Saturday Sky

Like Lucy said, my knitting has had me in fits and starts the past week. I lost my hat, the finished scarf is a bit short, my afghan square is a bit thin and my socks were left in the car........

However things are falling back into place. I make sure I bring my socks into the house now so I was able to knit a bit more on them. I've finished the heel and gusset and am working on the main foot now.

A few more inches and then I can start my decreases.

I decided to cast on another square for my blanket, this time double stranded.

I like the thickness better in this one so I think I'll keep going. I have a TON of this yarn so I know I should have plenty even with the double strands.

Last but not least, I found the hat! I was looking for something else and boom there it was!! Gotta love how that happens!

So we've got 3 active projects going and I'm back to being happy with all three.

Meanwhile we've had a very rainy, soggy day today. While last week could have been a blue piece of paper for my sky, today it's a bit grey.

It has been like this all day, too, which is very unusual for us. However we've got some kind of system stalled above us and it's just churning out the rain. I SO dont mind it, it's a nice change from the constant bright ball in the sky. Days like this call for sleepy afternoons and old movies. Well I'm not getting a chance to nap, but I do have a chicken roasting in the oven and I'm watching old Dick Van Dyke episodes on TV Land. I'll take what I can get!

What are you doing on your Saturday?


Anonymous said…
I met Michele (PDXKnitterati) for coffee this morning. Then it was returns to DSW -- THEN baking some pumpkin muffins, making some soup and KNITTING!

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