Truth in Advertising

I'm not a morning person.

By ANY means.

In fact, there has to be a REALLY good reason for me to wake up before the sun does.

That being said, there was an article in the weekly Penny Saver about a Fitness Fair and 5k Run being held locally. It was sponsored by the local Chamber and the County Health Dept to encourage fitness and health. There was going to be free health screenings, including blood pressure and sugar checks. Massage therapists and chiropractors would be present to explain the health benefits of each. Zumba fitness would be sampled along with carnival type games that would include fun prizes and giveaways. And let's not forget the face painting along with the presence of Disney's Entertainment Team!!

THIS is something I'd get up at 5:50am for!

Sounds like fun, right????

O.M.G. NOTHING could be further from the truth......

There was no 5K, no face painting, no health screenings. What we had was a leaky bouncy house, free cold eggs, free organic gourmet INSTANT coffee that I spilled out after my first sip, and a 15 min sales demonstation on the evils of all beverages other than this particular bottled water. At this point I went to find out abt the 5k. Apparently it was a *fun run* along the mile pathway around the park, but since most of the runners there were already running, there was no point to having an official start to the Fun Run and to go ahead and do it on my own.


So Baby Girl and I ate our cold eggs, she bounced in the leaky bouncy house, and we walked the 1.4 mile trail while watching the local school football teams practice.

The pictures of the sun rising are still on my phone, and apparently want to stay there so instead I had Baby Girl take a pic of today's sky.

Yes that really is the sky, not a blue sheet of paper. The weather is gorgeous too. We actually had to wear jackets this AM!!!! If nothing else goes right today, we at least have nice weather. Right now the temp is 82, but it feels like 81 (woohoo we have a wind chill!)

Hope your Saturday is going a bit more smoothly than mine......


Anonymous said…
That stinks. Did you at least get your free hralth screenings?
kathy b said…
Oh my ......hope that the weather alone and warmth helped..
its cooooold here in Chicago this morning...frost warnings last night.
Woolly weather a comin
VCFibers said…
Ugh! After the bad coffee I would have been finding someone to complain to.
Kathy... said…
Hi Lynn, KathyInIowa here. You asked about my plainjane socks on my blog. I'd be happy to share my pattern with me (such as it is) if I had your email. If you write to me via my email (rather than blog comment) I'll reply with the pattern. Thanks. k

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