Who Says Boys Only Like Science?

When given the assignment of a project, instead of making it easy (drawings on a posterboard) Baby Girl sees it as an opportunity to get creative. It's GOTTA be in 3-D!!! And today, it had to explode.

They are covering volcanos in class this week (you can already see where this is going) and they had to make a drawing of the various parts of the volcano. Being the overachiever that is my daughter, she saw this as an opportunity to make a model that would explode!!! How??? Why puting in Diet Coke and Mentos of course!!!

We hit JoAnn's on Wednesday and bought the supplies. Then I hot glued the diet coke to the base. I helped with the foundation of the volcano (two posterboards wrapped around each other) and she added the felt, the clay, and the grass.

Here it is.

She set it off today.

The best part of this picture is the kids' expressions!

It's no wonder she's on the Honor Roll!!!


Anonymous said…
Way to go, Baby GIRL!!!!! You are AWESOME!
Vivian said…
Oh yes, girls love science too! Great job for the young lady!
Susan said…
That's a much more satisfying volcanic explosion than the one that uses baking soda and vinegar! Easy to see why the other kids loved it. Good job Baby Girl!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Baby Girl!! You showed em, but good!

Love the little sweater too. Something Mommy made?? :)

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