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What are the odds???

that I'll get this sock done today

with only this much yarn left?

It's Hip To Be Square

We had a couple of cool days last week which got me in the mood to start working on blankets. I've been knitting up squares from some soft baby yarn and I've got abt 8 squares done.

I love these squares. They are a straight knit, a truly mindless project while watching tv. And if I put my mind to it, I can get one done in a day.

The other form of blanket making involves fleece.

I bought some fleece from Joann's last year. My goal was to cut them up and make them blankets. I never did get to them last year so the family just used them as they were, smallish blankets that did the trick if you tucked yourself into them. I want larger blankets this year that doesnt require you to fold yourself in half to be under them so on Saturday I cut up the above. I've got some contrasting light pink waiting it's turn.

I've got one more fleece blanket to make and then any extra fleece in the house will be used for kitty blankets. Fleece tends to build up more static tha…

Sunday Funnies

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Feline Friday's - the Hemi edition

(gotta click to check out his tongue~!)

A Simple Eye

When I worked full time in an office, I dreamt of a time when I would be a stay at home soccer mom, doing things at the school, cheering my kids on in whatever event they chose to participate in. I would also have time to keep the house clean, cook meals every night, work on my quilts and stitching projects and get Oh So Much done.

Go ahead, laugh. I'll wait.

Feel better??

Now that I AM that stay at home mom that does things at the school and cheers for my kids, I seem to have even less time to work on my projects, let alone keep the house clean or cook every night. While part of that is just life (and the realization that it doesnt end at 5pm), part of it is because I don't schedule my time as well as I'd like. I don't want to be so structured that I cant be spontaneous, but I need to do something when my house is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders. I'm realizing I can't do it all (nor do I want to) and if my time is limited, I need to get rid of…

To Each His Own

When I first started knitting socks, my sisters didnt get it. Why take all that time and energy and money to knit a pair of socks?? Can't you just buy them??

I know we've all heard that before and unless you have a hobby, you wont understand the expense it can incur.

Take for example, on HGTV there was a show of collections, one of them being toasters. There were people who had rooms devoted to their collection of toasters. Kept in GREAT shape. The guy who was doing the piece came with a loaf of bread. They'll make toast right?? HA! The looks on some of these people's faces were, "there is NO way that bread is getting in my toaster!!!" However there was a guy who was very eager to show that his 100+ yr old toaster actually still worked. The guy ate his toast during the next segment.

While I don't exactly get the draw of toasters, I DO understand the collecting mentality. After all I've been to conventions where you see people who collect qui…

Sunday Funnies

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Non Saturday Sky

After waking up with a headache that progressively got worse, I decided to take a little nap. Three hours later it was too dark for a picture of my Saturday sky. This past week really wiped me out. I'm looking forward to a nice quiet week. We keep thanksgiving low key around here so with just a couple of days of school (easy ones at that) it will be a week of destressing.

I've been working on Baby Girl's poncho, but those M1s are really starting to get to me so I cast on for yet another pair of socks (that makes three going at the same time). I wanted to work on my blanket squares but I had to switch out the needles for the poncho. The other socks were in the car (20 feet away) so what to do, what to do??? Dig in the bags to see what to start.

It was only abt 4 rows but it was enough to relax by. It's another Lorna's Laces Sport weight yarn, this one is Mountain Creek. So far so good.......

Hope your Saturday was more productive than mine.

Feline Fridays - the Princess Edition


Is it worth it?

So I'm sitting here trying to come up with some kind of idea of what to blog abt today. I went to Ravelry for ideas. Nuthin'. I googled National Blog Posting Month for ideas. Nada.

If I was a good mother I'd be showing you pictures of the Winter Concert #1 Son was in. He played both trombone AND steel drums. A good mother would have pictures. I'm not a horrible mother because I do have video, but only because the IO now has a Blackberry for a phone. The video camera I have had a dead battery.

Ok so a bad mother wouldn't have paid for raffle tickets or bought more butter braid to support the band or even show up to cheer her son on. Or carpool kids back and forth from the school to the venue back to the school. Or get Frosties (Frostys) from Wendy's to celebrate a job well done.

So I guess a wobbly video off a phone and a kiss goodnight will have to suffice.

I'm not so bad after all.

Plus you have a soft lap to sleep on....

Wednesday WIPs

Here is a picture of my poncho.

The neck is done and I just switched from size 6 to size 10.5 needles. I haven't had much time to work on this, thank goodness it's bulky yarn!! Right now it looks like a hat....

The Simple Wopman's Daybook

FOR TODAY November 15

Outside my window...It's dark. You can tell when we are off DST when it's dark before 7pm.

I am thinking...that I made decent progress today in my room. It's the catch all area and was getting a bit out of control.

I am thankful...that the IO is employed. Contract work is getting harder and harder to find so when he is working I am happy because I can pay the electric bill.

In the kitchen...Pizza Hut. I've had Baby Girl home for two days and have not been able to grocery shop. She will attend school tomorrow and I will attend Publix afterward.

I am t-shirt and tan shorts

I am creating...Baby Girl's poncho. I finished the turtle/cowl neck and started on the body. AND the M1s.

I am finish the last load of laundry for the day once the dryer stops.

I am wondering...if anybody finds this interesting?

I am reading...some knitting magazines I found in a pile under some clothes.

I am hoping...for some uninterupted time at home.


Just another day in paradise

After only 5 hours of sleep I started my day at 6:30am. The day was filled with various errands, a sick child, a crazed sister, forgotten appts (where IS that day planner?!?), grocery shopping and a late dinner. It's 8pm and I quit! I'm staring at laundry that telepathically would put itself away. Since it's not budging, it will wait until tomorrow for me to do it. Unless the laundry elves do it for me.

Yes I'm delusional that way!!!!

Anyway....we have a new project on the needles!!! Baby Girl's poncho!

It's a poncho by Berroco called Phyllis. Baby Girl picked out the pattern and the yarn so I know she'll wear it.

It starts at the neck and is worked in one piece down with increases every couple of rows. Guess what the increases are??? Yep, M1s. Well at least I know how to do them!!!

Hope everybody's week is as exciting as mine seems to be turning into...

Another one for the pile

When I get determined to finish off a project, it gets done! Last Thursday I posted the finished Stashbuster Oddball blanket for Wool Aid. I also posted in my notebook on Ravelry as well as the Wool Aid group. Can I tell you how many ppl have commented on this blanket?? The picture itself has 4 comments and a heart. One person said that it reminded her of a Navajo blanket. Yes it does. It also reminded me of a blanket a friend bought when she was in Guatemala. SO many different colors and very busy. So while it may not be my cup of tea, apparently there are quite a few that think it's turning out lovely. For that I'm happy.

And from one extreme to another, I finished off my rolled brim hat.

I even got #1 Son to model it for me!!!

He said it was a bit small for him, but he has a large head so if I make him any hats they have to be larger with a rib.

Pattern is from Knitting for Peace. It really is your basic rolled brimmed hat. Cast on 90 sts on size 7 needles and knit …

Saturday Sky

It was one of those mornings where I thought I would have enough time to sleep in, go to the store, pick up some bagels, make some chili and show up at the picnic by 1:30pm.

Instead I wake up at 11am, make a mad dash to Publix and show up an hour late. Since I showed up in time for everybody to eat, it worked out well. I just HATE cutting it that close.

Sunday will be spent cleaning up the huge mess that is my house.......

Wow is this a post of I woke up, I ate, I need to clean and I went to bed?!?!?


As I rethink this whole NaBloPoMo, stop by tomorrow for an actual finished knitted object!

Feline Fridays - the Tiger edition



I was bound and determined to finish off the Wool Aid Stashbuster OddBall blanket, and I did! Here it is in all it's bright glory.

Of all the blankets I've worked on, this has got to be my least favorite. The yarns others used must have had mohair or alpaca in it because it would make my eyes itch. The wooden needles were dull and hard to make those M1s with. ALL THOSE M1s!!

My portion of the blanket is from the light tan to the deep purple.

Not my favorites either. Funny thing abt the purples, when I held them side by side under my Ott light, they looked like the same purple, just different textures. This picture definitely shows the differences between the two. And while I dislike single ply yarns in regular knitting, I HATE them while making M1s. (SOOO many M1s...)

This blanket/afghan has sufficiently filled my desire to work on oddball blankets for awhile. One more thing I've learned (other than how to make M1s REALLY well) is that while Odd ball blankets can be…

Wordless Wednesday


Simple Woman's Daybook

Stitches of Violet does this post every Tues. It's always intrigued me, but I've never felt the urge to do it. I always felt it might come across as a bit boring. However I always enjoy Marguerite's posts every Tues. so here goes.

FOR TODAY: November 8th

Outside my window...

It's a bit overcast, with bright blue spots poking thru. It's almost 79 outside, but it feels like 82. This is why my a/c is on. Once it hits 80 I can always tell, I get uncomfortably warm.

I am thinking...
that I need to just bite the bullet and attack my craft room. A friend of mine gave me some fabric (you know, since I sew so much!) and I really need to get organized. I've never been a neat person but when it gets to the point when I can't find stuff, it's time to clean up!

I am thankful...
for smart, healthy children. Last week Baby Girl was inducted into the school's honor society and today #1 Son had his ceremony for Honor Roll.

I'm one proud mama!

In the kitchen...

Monday Afternoon Update

Time to check what's on the needles.

Oldest thing OTN are my Lorna's Laces socks. I started them back in August (not bad) but I have yet to cast on the 2nd sock. I'm not sure if I have enough yarn for the second sock and I'm trying to find the other skein in case I have to use it. I think I should just weigh the completed sock I have and the leftover yarn to see if there is enough.......I figure once I do that, the other skein will show up for sure! No pics to share since all I have are bare needles.

Baby Teri Blanket: So far I have 8 squares done and I've started on the 9th, this time in yellow.

CTH BasketWeave Rib Socks: Ok I lied, THIS is the oldest project on the needles. The first sock was done back in May, then the yarn was used to make Delaney's socks. Leftovers were cast on to go as far as I can to finish this pair for me. Again no reason to show a pic since I havent really worked on it. Not feeling the love. Not enjoying the pattern. It'…

Need to do this more often!

The IO and I got to go out on our own last night. The last time that happened was 8 months ago when we celebrated our anniversary. So while it's few and way too far between, we decided to go to Epcot for their Food and Wine Festival.

We had a BLAST! They have several kiosks set up thruout the area with different kinds of food. You had the well known places like France and Italy and Japan, and your not so general ones like South Korea and Brazil and the Caribbean. The sizes are small, like an appetizer, but this gives you the opportunity to try different foods before you get too full. We aren't that adventurous so we ate in Ireland, France, Italy and Mexico. I have absolutely NO pictures of the food because it was inhaled before the camera could even come out! Trust me when I tell you it. Was. GOOD!

They also have different musical groups during the festival, cover bands that play in various areas thruout the park and then you have the main act in the outdoor arena area…

Saturday Sky

We had a cool front go thru last night which meant it was nice and chilly this AM (it was 58 when I woke up). This means I need to bake something to warm the house up! Thankfully I pulled out a Butter Braid from the freezer last night. #1 Son was selling these for band and he said they were yummy! Well they ARE!!!

Last night I pulled one out of the freezer to thaw out and rise over night. This is what it looked like.

It looked like this when I woke up.

I KNOW!!! It's HUGE! The first time I made one I was TOTALLY surprised! This one is a bavarian cream butter braid.

What it looked like once it came out of the oven.

I added chocolate to the top but I never had time to photograph it before it was cut into. It tasted like a chocolate croissant. OH it was yummy! I may have to see if Band Boosters has any left.....

Here is my sky.

Still cloudy and very breezy, making the temp feel cooler than the 66 my thermometer is showing. Guess I'll need to take a jacket when we go out…

Feline Fridays - the Lucy Edition